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She Wore A Long-Sleeved Shirt To School. Then An Officer Put His Hand On A Gun.


On May 17, Summer, a senior at Hickory Ridge High School, wore a long-sleeved top to school that she thought was perfectly fine, but the principal couldn’t disagree more. Summer was eating lunch in the cafeteria when the principal walked up to her and told her that she had violated the dress code. ..


He Was Famous In The Big Game Hunting World, But An Angry Elephant Just Killed Him


Theunis Botha from Johannesberg, South Africa, was a well-known big game hunter who killed beautiful African wildlife for fun. Now he won’t get the chance to do it again. On May 19, the 51-year-old, who had been leading tourists on hunting trips for the last 30 years, was out guiding a group of hunters ..


Heartbreaking Ruling Sheds Light On What Happens When Girls Fight Back Against Abuse


In July 2016, Brandi Meadows called police and told them that her 14-year-old daughter, Bresha, had shot her husband, 41-year-old Jonathan Meadows Sr., in the head. Bresha was arrested and charged with aggravated murder for shooting and ultimately killing her father, but Brandi says that what her daughter ..


Their Baby Was Ill And Wasting Away, Which They Would’ve Known If They Ever Held Her


In April 2016, Kristen Meyer-Aleman and Alejandro Aleman’s 13-month-old daughter, Tayla, passed away at just seven pounds. She’d been born two pounds heavier. According to the medical examiner, Tayla died from exhaustion caused by neglect. She was also starving to death, wearing clothes meant ..


These Parents Put Their Baby On A Fad Diet. Weeks Later, He Wad Dead.


In hopes of losing a few extra pounds, many of us turn to fad diets to try and drop the weight in just a few weeks. And fad dieting has reached critical mass in the age of social media, where trends abound. While these nutrition trends can have some unusual side effects, they are generally […]


After Saving This Kitty During A Race, They Had The Cutest Ride Of All Time


BrazilIan biker Viitor Fonseca has made quite the name for himself on the cycling circuit. But his numerous awards and recognitions would be for naught if he did not continue to keep up his daily training regiment. They say practice makes perfect, so to strive for perfection, Fonseca enjoys long rides ..


In A Massive Victory For Animal Activists, China Reportedly Bans Dog Meat At Yulin


If you’ve been paying attention to animal activism in the past few years, you’ve probably heard about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. While people in eastern Asia have eaten dog meat for a long time, the festival was only started in 2010. It pretty much immediately came under fire from animal ..


You’ll Totally Identify With This Dachshund’s Craftiness If You Have Siblings


If you have siblings, you’ve been here before. Your brother or sister has a hold of a toy that you really, really want, and they won’t give it up. What is there to do? You could wait your turn, but you want it right now. So instead, you wrestle for it! Far from just a […]


They Were Trying To Take A Nice Photo. Then A Sea Lion Did Something So Scary.


This freaky story about a wildlife encounter gone wrong further proves why we need to be careful posing for Instagram photos when animals are involved. While sitting on the dock of the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in British Columbia, tourist Michael Fujiwara noticed a seemingly friendly sea lion ..


Rescue Volunteers Pen Hilariously Honest Adoption Memo For Feisty Cat


Workers in animal shelters get to know the animals there pretty well, especially when they’re around for a while. Each dog and cat has its own distinct personality, and it can be hard to see these perfectly awesome pets not find homes. In Melbourne, Australia, the workers took a particular interest ..

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