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It Started Out As A Cute Gift From Grandma. Then They Opened It And Saw This!


You know how they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? Well, one grandmother just learned that this metaphorical phrase applies in the literal sense as well. While shopping at Barnes & Noble, the woman saw an adorably illustrated book called, “If Animals Could Talk.” Knowing ..


She’s Sick Of Getting Catcalled, So She’s Holding Creeps Accountable In A Clever Way


An experience most women can relate to is how exasperating it feels to be catcalled. Women who are just going about their daily business are routinely catcalled. One of the myths is that men only make lewd, rude, or intimidating comments to women who are wearing skimpy clothing, but the reality is that ..


A Stranger Died In Her Arms. What She Promised His Family Will Bring You To Tears.


In the aftermath of the devastating shooting in Las Vegas, we’re now learning just what it was like for the people who went through it. The brave survivors of the massacre that left 59 people dead and more than 500 injured have been through so much. For those who watched others die, the pain is […]


She Has A Lot Of Responsibilities As A Cop, But She Never Passes By An Animal In Need


While most police officers are tasked to protect and serve the people in their communities, one cop is going above and beyond to ensure that every stray feline she comes across is cared for. Gretchen Byrne has spent 18 years on the Boca Raton police force and she’s known as the cop who just can’t ..


She Lost Everything And Couldn’t Move On. Then An Unlikely Friend Saved Her Life.


When a person sets out to rescue and adopt an animal they often think they’re saving the animals life, but as is often the case, these animals also do some rescuing of their own. This is exactly the mission of Mutual Rescue, an organization that is helping transform the lives of both humans and animals ..


They Took Their Kids To Daycare. Why They Were Found In The Bathroom Is Sickening.


In the United States of America, there is one mass shooting every day, and countless other acts of gun violence resulting in injury or death. Mass shooting is defined as four or more people being shot in one incident. We have so many of them that we’ve had to come up with new terminology. A […]


These Surprisingly Savage Cross Stitches Prove The Hobby Isn’t Just For Grandmas


It’s no secret that many of the best ladies on Earth (our grandmas. duh.) adore cross stitching. Long before cell phones and Netflix were designed to suck up all our available free time, people actually went outside or stayed inside and got their arts and crafts on. One of my grandmother’s ..


Hilarious Donkey Costs His Owner $6K After Chewing On A Luxury Sports Car


If you own an expensive car, I imagine you’d do pretty much anything to protect it. I’m not really a car person, but I protect my expensive items by being careful where I put them and treating them with care. Those are apparently not lessons that Markus Zahn learned despite having a car that’s ..


She Punched Her Son So Hard She Broke Her Hand. Then She Posted About It Online.


There is never an excuse for violence against a child. This is pretty much a universally agreed upon standard that we hold ourselves to. But what would you do if you saw evidence of abuse on one of your social media timelines? Let’s say someone posts a photo of their hand beaten up and possibly ..


“I Wanna Get Out Of Here.” Vet Has Gut-Wrenching Reunion With Family In Puerto Rico


Since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20, it has caused widespread devastation on the island. Thought it’s been two weeks since the nearly Category 5 hurricane hit, residents of the U.S. territory are still suffering and desperate for help. U.S. Marine veteran Mario Salazar ..

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