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One Program Could Save Red Wolves, But Republicans Are Secretly Working To Defund It


One of the rarest and most endangered species of wolf in the world is the red wolf, or Canis rufus. In fact, the species is so critically endangered that it was declared extinct in the wild in 1980 after predator control programs and habitat destruction nearly wiped them out completely. Thanks to recovery ..


Chilling New Information Shows Who’s Really The Shark-Killing Boss Of The Sea


Most people think of Great White sharks as the rulers of the sea. They’re the apex predators, and they’re feared by beachgoers everywhere. Generally speaking, those fears are pretty unfounded, but no one will deny that Great Whites are powerful, intelligent hunters whose size would intimidate ..


Baby Saying ‘Oh No’ After Sneezing Will Give You The Ten Cutest Seconds Of Your Life


You’re probably not going to be shocked when I say that babies do some pretty cute things. After all, that’s kind of the point of babies. They’re super cute and we have the natural instincts to protect and cherish them until they can take care of themselves. The little tykes can also ..


Body Cam Footage Captures Cop Planting Cocaine On Suspect


In response to recent instances of police brutality, more and more people have been calling for police officers to wear body cameras. Proponents argue that the cameras protect both the police and the people they serve, showing exactly what happened in any given interaction. They’re not perfect ..


Uplifting Choir Of Strangers Brings A Little Bit Of Church To Their Local Sam’s Club


I grew up going to church several times every single week. One of the parts of church services that made me feel connected to others was the singing. Whether or not you’re religious, you can’t deny that a good old gospel choir can send shivers down your spine. Some customers who were shopping ..


Parents Say Their Children Were Taken Away Because They Themselves Have Low IQs


There’s a lot of stigma around people with intellectual disabilities, especially when it comes to parenting. Up to 80 percent of people with intellectual disabilities who choose to become parents wind up having their children taken out of the home, either for a short period of time or permanently. ..


This Hilarious Little Girl Is Pretty Skeptical Of The Whole ‘Santa Claus’ Thing


It’s that time of year again: the one where parents pull out the myth of Santa Claus. Santa can be used to create Christmas magic or to encourage kids to be on their best behavior as we enter the holiday season. Still, if you think about it, the whole idea of Santa Claus doesn’t really […]


Here’s Exactly Why You Should Be Afraid Of The FCC’s Proposed Net Neutrality Repeal


Since its invention, the internet has changed the world, connecting users across the globe and providing an endless source of information, communication and entertainment. But if certain people have their way, the internet as we know it may cease to exist in the near future. What makes the internet so great ..


5 Childhood-Defining Bits Of Nostalgia That Don’t Exist Anymore


What do you miss the most about being a kid? For some, it’s that odd feeling of freedom that comes with not making your own decisions or having responsibilities to worry about. For others, it’s the lasting memories they share with their friends and family, upon which they can look back and remember ..


All Aboard The Fail Boat! Bus Pulls In Front Of Demolition Camera At The Wrong Moment


In the realm of live television, if something can go wrong, chances are it probably will. As the Georgia Dome was set to be demolished, the Weather Channel saw the event as something viewers would enjoy. Unfortunately, at the very moment the building went up in smoke, the live footage of the event was compromised ..

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