Hero Who Got Stranded Wearing Shorts In The Snow Just For Free Pizza Is All Of Us


Some people will do just about anything when it comes to free food, even if it means nearly catching hypothermia for some pizza.

A hiker from Flagstaff, Arizona, tried his best to trek to the top of Mt. Elden in the middle of a snowstorm to win a free pizza contest. Throwing caution to the wind, our brave hiker endured the cold, donning just a pair of shorts and a tee in hopes of qualifying for the free goodies. And then he got stranded.

The snow and strong winds proved too much for him and hypothermia began to set in. Learn more about this dedicated foodie in the video below!


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There aren’t many things I love more than pizza, but not dying is definitely one of them. That being said, share this story if you secretly identify with this man’s adoration for everyone’s favorite food.



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