When This Sick Little Girl Was Stuck In Flood Waters, She Used Siri To Get Help


One of the most terrifying things about devastating hurricanes like Harvey is that sick people often can’t reach help. For a few days during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, even calls to 9-1-1 weren’t going through. They were overwhelmed with so many requests that they asked only those ..


This Turd-Slinging Adventure Might Just Be The Crappiest First Date Of All Time


We’ve all had our fair share of horrible first dates, but I can guarantee none of them can even come close to this unbelievable first date between a 24-year-old student and his match from Tinder. After chatting it up on the dating app, Liam Smyth and his date agreed to meet for a romantic dinner. ..


When Dad Started Belting Out This Dog’s Favorite Song, It Adorably Sang Along


One of the many things that make dogs so cute to me is that when you start singing or mimicking a howl, some of them like to join in. Neither of my pups likes to howl along with me, but this guy’s dog sure does — to his endless amusement. The man recently recorded himself […]


She Wanted Her Baby’s Sex To Be A Surprise. Then She Started Getting These Messages.


In-laws are generally known for being nosy, annoying, and even a bit invasive sometimes, but for one woman, her husband’s mother completely crossed the line. Back in 2014, an expecting mom wrote in to Slate‘s “Dear Prudence”, seeking advice on how to deal with feelings of betrayal ..


This Bird Once Had To Live In Isolation, But Luckily, She Now Has The Cutest Buddies


It’s not very often that you see a live bird without any feathers at all, but for the owners of these lovebirds, it’s a normal, everyday sight. Lemon and Indi from West Palm Beach, Florida, are a very special pair, not only because they share a close bond with each other, but because they ..


When They Needed A Bit Of Light In Their Darkest Time, Her Voice Soothed Them


When Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the flooding it caused forced thousands of southeast Texas residents to evacuate their homes. Many ended up in convention centers, churches, and wherever else would take them in during their time of need. To say this has been difficult for those affected is a huge ..


Unsanitary Restaurant Employees Are Gross, But This Outraged Patron Went Too Far


We’ve all seen something a little less than sanitary go down at a fast food place. Don’t get me wrong. Most fast food employees follow strict protocols regarding serving food and wearing gloves to keep us safe. If they didn’t, they’d be out of a job pretty quickly. But sometimes ..


This Rescued Blue Jay Visits His Hero Every Day, But That’s Not Even The Best Part


There’s all kinds of conflicting advice out there about how to handle an injured bird. When Dina Thiessen found a blue jay abandoned at the base of a tree, she got in touch with a wildlife rescue, who told her to let the baby stay put and hope its mom would come back. When that […]


Here’s The Weird Thing That Happens When You Invite 20,000 Bees To A Maternity Shoot


Bees are said to represent life and death. That’s what Emily Mueller said when talking to about her bonkers pregnancy photoshoot that’s gone completely viral. Mueller and her husband, who are beekeepers who remove bee colonies from houses and operate a honey store, have three ..


This Bus Passenger Was Dissatisfied With Her Ride, So She Did Something Vile


In life, we all get to choose how we react to certain situations. If you have a bad customer service experience, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to make that known. People who interact with the public have difficult jobs, but they’re not always perfect, and sometimes a supervisor needs ..

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