This Woman Was Arrested For Shoplifting. Then A Cop Did Something So Special.


Trying to raise and support her children, single mother Sheena Davenport was caught shoplifting food from Walmart over a year ago just so they could get by. On the day of her hearing, the struggling mom was caught off guard when one of the police officers in the court house told her to go outside […]


An Anaconda Killed This Cow’s Newborn Calf, So She Got Her Revenge


In the Amazon, there are plenty of terrifying animals to deal with, including anacondas. Recently, some farmers in Paraguay discovered that an enormous anaconda had killed the newborn calf of one of their cows. They went running, wrapping ropes around the anaconda to trap it and pull it away from the baby ..


She Learned Something Awful About Her Son. How The Airline Responded Is Amazing.


With all the recent reports of the way certain airlines have been treating their passengers, it’s understandable that people aren’t feeling that great about flying these days. However, what Southwest Airlines did last year for a mom in a time of crisis is a great reminder that there really ..


These 32 Amazing Teachers Truly Are Gifts To Humanity


Schools all across the country are celebrating the unsung heroes of our children’s lives during Teacher Appreciation Week. As a child going through the school system, you might not be able to fully appreciate all that your teachers do for you, but as you get older, you’ll quickly come to realize ..


They Played A Cruel Prank On This Child. Then Mom Found Him Hanging In His Closet.


The power of social media can be incredibly dangerous when left in the hands of teenagers and young kids. Eleven-year-old Tysen Benz was living a life many pre-teens would envy. He had a loving family and was even dating a girl who was a little older than him. He was a charismatic and energetic child ..


Girl With Cerebral Palsy Is Overtaken With Joy When A Friend Asks Her This Question


When 15-year-old Madison, a girl with cerebral palsy, got a visit from her friend, Bryce, she probably had no idea that she’d be overcome with happiness by what he’d ask next. Madison’s mom was saddened to think that her daughter wouldn’t be able to go to her sweetheart formal ..


This Bear Was NOT PLEASED With Bikers Riding Through Its Neck Of The Woods


While biking through the wilderness, you run the risk of crossing paths with a predator. When Dusan Vinžík and a friend were out for a ride in Slovakia, they got more than they bargained for when they came face to face with an aggressive bear. It wasn’t long before the bear started ..


You’ve Heard Of Police Dogs, But Police Hamsters? Turns Out They Exist!


It’s not often that you hear about officers going out to rescue a rodent, but that’s exactly what happened when police got a call about a lonely hamster running around in Berlin, Germany. It’s believed that he was lost or abandoned, but either way, it was clear that he needed some help. ..


An Officer Saw An Armed Man Walking With A Dog. Then He Realized Something Awful.


It’s hard to believe that anyone could hurt an animal, especially one that is by all accounts healthy and happy. Unfortunately, that’s the story of Tunzy, and 11-year-old dog who was so close to getting a death sentence for no reason at all. Fortunately, someone with great senses and foresight ..


When A Teacher Saw Their Colleague Doing This, They Took A Photo That Got Her Fired


Every day, parents entrust their children to teachers, hoping they will nurture their kids and keep them safe. This is especially important in preschool when kids are still developing at a rapid pace. Lots of kids this age attend Head Start programs, which aim to give the students a leg up before they ..

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