What She Did After Killing Her Sister In A Crash Is So Sickening You Won’t Believe It


Social media sites’ live streaming functions continue to prove that some people will record just about anything for the sake of getting even the tiniest bit of attention. They sometimes even press on in their streams when it means risking the health and safety of their loved ones. Eighteen-year-old ..


If You Plan On Traveling Abroad, You Have To Hear What This Guy Has To Say


When you travel to a new place, there are always risks involved. In certain countries and cities in the world, there’s a huge problem with pickpockets taking advantage of tourists and travelers. It shouldn’t scare anyone or prevent them from visiting, but it is a reality. There are ways to protect ..


Cecil The Lion Was Shot In 2015. Another Trophy Hunter Just Killed His Son.


Chances are that if you’re still mourning the death of Harambe, you were probably pretty broken up about the death of Cecil the lion. Cecil was a 13-year-old lion living on the Hwange National Park sanctuary in Zimbabwe when he was shot by American Dentist Dr. Walter J. Palmer. Palmer quickly became ..


He Finally Landed A Job Interview To Support His Baby But Gave It Up To Save Someone


Getting a job, or even an interview, can be difficult for anyone. For people who once spent some time in prison, the stigma against them means that it’s even harder to find gainful employment. Aaron Tucker says he was so excited about his job interview at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que that he woke up at 5 a.m. ..

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Watch Joel Osteen on ‘Larry King Now’ to Learn Why Megachurch Pastor Attracts Muslim and Atheist Followers


Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church and America’s fastest-growing congregation, appeared with Larry King during his online talk show on Monday to discuss why Muslims and atheists are attracted to his ministry, how his ministry style differs from Billy Graham’s, and why he doesn’t ..


He Wanted To Show A Toddler It’s A ‘Tough World.’ How He Did It Will Make You Sick


Parents all want their kids to be prepared for how tough life is. It’s one of the hardest lessons to teach, because moms and dads generally want to protect their kids from the dangers of the world. Still, there are ways good parents can show their children that not everything is puppies and rainbows ..


If Your Kids Use Their Phones In The Tub, They Need To See What Happened To Her


With the advancement of technology, we’ve become a society that can’t seem to separate ourselves from our electronic devices. Everywhere that we go, our phones are sure to follow, including the bathroom. If you stop and think of the germs found in your very own bathroom, you’d think ..


This Is What You Don’t Want To Happen When You Have A Truck Full Of Slime Eels


I know I’m in the majority, but creepy crawly animals really freak me out. Frogs, lizards, snakes, you name it. Eels are basically snakes of the water, so they count, too. Most people only ever interact with eels from behind the paned glass of an aquarium. In some countries, they’re also ..


He Was Out Enjoying The Scenery When An Unexpected (And Huge) Visitor Joined Him


Alaskan photographer Drew Hamilton was out enjoying the scenic views along a river when he was joined by an unusual visitor. Hamilton’s nature shoot was cut short after a giant brown bear took a liking to the photographer, sitting down right next to the man. The friendly bear can be seen taking ..


Doctor Finds 27 Contacts In Patient’s Eye Because Nothing Makes Sense


When I first started wearing contact lenses, I didn’t realize they’d feel so uncomfortable. Like many others, I have dry eyes that get irritated when I put my contacts in. I can only tolerate them for a short period of time, which is why I have no idea how this woman didn’t figure out what ..

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