The Mom Of An Autistic Boy Was So Overwhelmed, But Then A Kind Waitress Stepped In


Being a mom is so difficult, and when you add caring for a child with special needs into the mix, it’s even harder. Jamie Mathews Heustess is the mom to a sweet boy who happens to have autism named Ian. Sometimes Ian has bad days, and sometimes Jamie does, too. They were recently at a […]


This Is NOT Where You Want To Find Your Pilot Shortly After Takeoff


While at the helm of large commercial planes, airplane pilots are often forced to fight off sleep deprivation in order to get rows of paying passengers to their destinations without a hitch. And as the last few weeks have seen numerous airline companies making major headlines for all the wrong reasons, ..


Someone Said She Wasn’t A Real Parent. Her Response Shut Them Down So Hard.


Parents who adopt children often face backlash from biological parents, especially in the age of social media. Scroll through Facebook long enough and you’re bound to find a parent telling someone else that they’re not doing it right. It sometimes feels like open season on anyone who parents ..


This Pup Was The Last One At The Shelter. They Stopped At Nothing To Get Him Adopted


Animals that have medical issues can sometimes be the hardest to get adopted. It’s every shelter worker’s dream that one day all the animals in their care will be adopted. That actually happened at the Little Traverse Humane Society in Michigan, where an “Empty the Shelters” event ..


If You Love Dogs, You’ll Totally Get This Adorable Baby’s Reaction To His Pooch


If there are two things in this world that are certifiably adorable, it’s dogs and babies. Put them together and you’ve got a cute overload! One afternoon, Brian was hanging out with his wife, their young son, and their cocker spaniel. When his wife threw the ball so their dog could play ..


A Bully Called His Girlfriend Fat. What He Said To Her After Will Make You Melt.


High school proms are supposed to be magical nights for teens to dress up, take pictures, dance, and enjoy each other’s company…not deal with rude and immature bullies. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Madison, a high school student who recently went to prom with her boyfriend, ..


Irate Dad Stands Up For His Wife And Babies Because Delta Overbooked Their Flight


While United Airlines and American Airlines have recently come under fire for incidents involving passengers, they certainly aren’t the only airlines with fed-up customers. On April 23, Brian and Brittany Schear, along with their two young children, had just boarded a Delta flight from Maui to Los Angeles ..


Here’s How Much Guns Cost The Government And American Families Each Year


It’s no secret that guns are a hot-button issue in the United States. The truth is, both sides of this issue often get reduced to mere talking points. Everyone believes that we should protect the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, but the debate comes in when we start talking about how to […]


They Said Their Baby Was Missing. Then The Police Looked Under Their Couch.


One of the most horrifying things that can happen to a parent is having their child go missing. The frantic worry can be all-consuming, and you never know when (or if) your baby will come back home. Waiting and not knowing is so hard, especially when you’ve looked everywhere you can think of already. ..


This Woman’s EPIC Response Is Exactly How You Should Deal With A Cheater


Finding out that you’re being cheated on by the person you love is always a heartbreaking and infuriating experience, but it’s made so much worse when they refuse to take responsibility for what they did. One woman was out having lunch when she saw another woman confronting the man who betrayed ..

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