This Rapper Saw A Fan Do Something Awful, So He Used His Platform To Stop It


Following the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations, Hollywood has experienced a long-overdue calling out of men in power abusing their power to take advantage of countless women and even some men. Every day it seems like a new accuser has come forward to add another name to the list, ..


Tragic Eyewitness Video Shows Immediate Aftermath Of Athlete’s Fatal Plane Crash


On November 7, two-time Cy Young Award-winning pitcher Roy Halladay passed away at 40 years old when his ICON A5 plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. According to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, the small aircraft went down at around noon that day. Halladay had been passionate ..


Subtlety Definitely Isn’t This German Shepherd’s Thing…Especially When She’s Hungry


As man’s best friend, dogs have a way of letting their owners know exactly what’s on their mind. If a dog is cramped up inside and needs to go out to handle their business, they’ll often whimper and bark as they pace around the house. But when it comes to this adorable German Shepherd ..


The Moment This Dog Sees Its Human After Three Years Will Make Your Heart Melt


Our animals are our best friends, and we do our best to keep them healthy and happy. Sometimes that means saying goodbye to them for a little while, whether that’s due to military service or unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately there are usually people out there who can help care for our pets ..


Mom Fires Back After Passersby See Her Dragging Her Child On A Leash


Back in October, people became outraged after watching a viral video of a mom in Liverpool, England. The 31-year-old unnamed woman could be seen dragging her son across the pavement in public with what looks like a leash. Some who viewed the footage called her a monster and an animal, saying that what ..


Michael The Christmas-Hating Dog Went To Great Lengths To Let Mom Know How He Felt


People have some pretty strong feelings about when the Christmas season starts. For me, I’m pretty much decking the halls the second the stroke hits midnight on Halloween, but lots of people think we should wait until after Thanksgiving. Apparently our pets have the same sorts of opinions on Christmas ..


This Coffee-Pouring Brain Teaser Is Confusing Everyone, But Can You Solve It?


It may be the caffeinated fuel that gets most of us through every single work day, but this coffee conundrum has left numerous Twitter users scratching their heads. Twitter user @_herbeautyxo posted a coffee brainteaser in which a jug of Joe is poured into a system of pipes leading to four separate coffee ..


To Make Room For His Fourth Kid, This Dad Turned The Carport Into Something Awesome


Brazedowl is no stranger to having to make room in his home due to the impending birth of a child. When the Imgur user and his wife discovered they were expecting their fourth child, they found themselves in quite the dilemma. The couple’s already cramped house had no room left at the inn, forcing ..


Watch This Baby Totally Freak Out With Excitement The First Time He He Sees A Rabbit


One of the most amazing things about being a child is learning new things about the world around you every single day. We don’t often remember these moments, but there’s always a “first time” you become aware of something you had no idea existed before. For kids, meeting new animals ..


A Cop Nearly Ended His Life, But This Man’s 4-Year-Old Gives Him The Hope He Needs


Police brutality has been in the news more and more lately as we see incidents arise across the country. In 2014, Leon Ford was pulled over for running a red light by a police officer. What should have been a routine traffic stop that resulted in a ticket ended instead with Ford being shot five […]

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