What This Jogger Does On Her Daily Run Is…Uh, Kind Of Crappy To Say The Least


In Colorado Springs, Colorado, something smells funny. In today’s case of “Who DOES that?” I present Exhibit A: pooping on someone’s lawn. You might be tempted to say, “No one in their right mind does that.” I would agree with you, but for one community it’s ..


Her Husband Dropped A Wallet With $1,500. She Was Stunned By What A Teen Did With It


We’d all like to think that if we were stuck in a moral dilemma we’d do the right thing. One of these classic questions comes down to what you would do if you found a wallet full of cash. The right answer, of course, is to turn it in. But there are a lot of […]


Plenty Of Teachers Decorate Their Classrooms, But What This One Did Is Truly Magical


Many of us grew up reading the “Harry Potter” novels in school, but how amazing would have been if we got to go to Hogwarts ourselves? That’s exactly what the seventh and eighth graders in Kyle Hubler’s class in Hillsboro, Oregon, were greeted with when they went back to school ..


He Stepped On Something At The Beach. What It Ended Up Being Was So Special


After a wedding is over, the pictures are there to remind us of the special occasion. My parents had a wedding book of photos that they really cherished, and I loved looking at it as a kid. Not everyone can afford a professional photographer, but nowadays cameras are so advanced that almost anyone can take ..


It Was A Normal Football Game, But Watch What Happens When A Player Sees The Referee


I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of military homecomings. It’s a really special moment between family members who have all sacrificed to protect us. When Joe Egersheim came back from a year stationed in Kuwait as part of the Army Reserves, he wanted to surprise his son and daughter. ..


You’ll Melt When You See What Happens When This Cat’s Favorite Human Plays The Piano


They say that animals really do enjoy listening to music, especially of the classical genre, and if this adorable kitty is any indication, it’s definitely true. Sarper Duman is a pianist from Istanbul, Turkey, who rescues injured cats from the streets and nurses them back to health in his home. ..


If Your Dog Sleeps In Bed With You, You Might Want To See What They Just Found


For many dog lovers, it’s immensely comforting to share a bed with their beloved pups at night. I do the same with my own two dogs and wouldn’t have it any other way, but, of course, not every pet parent feels the same. Some prefer that their furry buddies stay on the ground to prevent […]


Yes, The U.S. National Tick Collection Is A Thing That Exists. You’re Welcome, World


Growing up in the woods, my siblings and I knew that we always had to check for ticks before going back inside. Having the bloodsucker attached to your body is terrifying enough, but there’s also the huge risk of contracting the diseases that ticks carry around with them. I’ve seen quite ..


What They Did To A Mom Looking For Her Kid After A School Shooting Is Unconscionable


On September 13, 15-year-old Caleb Sharpe brought two guns to Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington, where he shot and killed one student and wounded three others. Frantic parents rushed to the school, terrified that their children were among the victims. Some even parked up to a mile away and ran there. ..


She Was Going To Dinner With The Family. Then She Turned The Corner And Saw This.


One of the best things about having devices in our pockets all the time is the ability to capture special moments. There’s a whole genre of videos now that features service members returning home from their deployments and surprising their friends, family members, and even pets. I’ve got to tell ..

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