Jane Goodhall Has An URGENT Plea For Two Chimps, And It Made Me Cry.


Hercules and Leo are two chimpanzees that have basically dedicated their entire lives to science. They've been tested on, had wires inserted into their muscles, gone through periods of deprivation, and lived their time mostly in a laboratory. Now, the Nonhuman Rights Project and Jane Goodall want ..


NASA Caught Footage Of An Exploding Star, By 0:19 I Was Spellbound.


The mere idea of an exploding star is all at once thrilling, fascinating, and slightly terrifying. As it turns out, it's also beautiful to watch. In this animation based on the photometric observations made by NASA's Kepler space telescope, we can see the flash of an exploding star's shockwave. ..


Check Out These RARE Historical Photos Of The FBI’s Fingerprint Warehouse.


Today, almost everything the FBI does is digital. However, decades ago, the bureau looked a lot different — after all, there had to be a facility to store all of that information, evidence, and most importantly, fingerprints. The collection and storage of fingerprints took a massive leap, quite ..


T-Rex Freaks People Out In A Car Park… The ‘Brave’ Guy’s Reaction Is Hilarious.


Parking garages are pretty terrifying in and of themselves: They're dark, they're usually empty, and it always feels like there is a million miles (and several possible unseen threats) between you and your car. Add a dinosaur, and you pretty much have the scariest situation ever concocted. Sure, ..


These 3 Girls Told The Truth About America… And They Did It On Live TV.


We see spoken word performances far too rarely on national television — and it's a shame, too, because they can be incredibly powerful. On The Queen Latifah Show, teenagers Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen from the Get Lit organization gave an amazing spoken word performance, ..


Library Book 49 Years Overdue Was Finally Returned With This Honest Note.


All of us have probably returned a library book very, very late (or perhaps just never returned it at all, whoops). However, odds are that few of us have returned a book 50 years later — but that's exactly what this Ohio man did. The University of Dayton says former student, James Phillips, ..


10 People That Have No Idea How To Use Technology


The rate that technology is being created and improved is unfathomable. There are so many devices nowadays that it’s essentially impossible to know just how many variations are out there. They are being improved on day-by-day, so fast and so crazily that understanding just how your piece of technology ..


10 Animals That Decided To Mess With Bees


Bee strings are something almost everyone in the world is afraid of — whether they’re allergic or not. They’re painful, they last for quite a while and the swelling around the area can be horrible. It seems like other creatures on this planet don’t like being stung by bees either. ..


10 Of The Most Ridiculous Items Ever Created


Have you ever been to the shops, seen something and thought it was the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen? Well unless it was a book about crafting with cat hair or some Chocolate Dipped Nacho Cheese Doritos, it probably doesn’t top our list of the most ridiculous things ever created. ..


10 Of The Most Hilarious Images On The Internet


The internet has been around for quite some time now, and it seems like there are no limits as to what is posted online. Nowadays, seemingly everyone in the world is online at some point, and that means that a lot of people’s senses of humor is online too — that’s what makes images ..

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