10 Of The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks In 2016


April Fools’ day can be stressful for some, and for others it’s a way to let go off some steam that’s been accumulating since the last April Fools’ day. Pranks are made, people are terrified and some actually laugh at being made fun of, too. However, the people that have the most ..


10 Actors Who Shockingly Hated Their Roles


Celebrities make a lot of great decisions in their past because it led to them becoming the success they are today. However, even the people that make the best choices will have their off days, and celebrities will reel in jobs that they don’t really like. It’s easy to create a list of sequels ..


10 Of The Most Outrageous Lawsuit Payouts In History


America is considered to be a very litigious society these days. Americans sue so often that there are even different courts set up depending on the size of the payout you’re looking for. There are also lawsuits which seem a bit ridiculous and then there are lawsuits that make you take off your ..


10 Scenic Valleys That You Need To Visit


There is something special about visiting a beautiful valley during spring time. The freshness in the air, the view of surrounding mountains and water bodies, and the co-existence of many of nature’s creations makes for a truly special sight. The many mountain ranges in the world have been carved ..


31 Celebrities Who Didn’t Need Photoshop… But Got It Anyway.


Brothers Thomas and John Knoll developed the program Photoshop in 1987, sold it to Adobe in 1998, and released the first version a year later. Now, the product is used for personal, business, and even educational use. So, it isn't surprising that many people today use the word "photoshop" ..


10 Of The Best Family Photo Shoot Fails


Photos of babies and children with their parents are often adorable. These moments have been captured for eternity in photographs, but these parents got more than they bargained for — a lot more. Whether it is a baby peeing on one of the parents, vomiting in another’s hair, or pooing down ..


10 Hilarious Times People Have Explained Movies


Watching movies is one of the greatest pastimes people of the modern era have. They get to watch fantastical worlds unfold in front of their eyes. While these movies are often given awesome trailers and brief synopses that explain what they are about, it is the images in this list, and their hashtag ..


10 Moments Of Pop Culture Recreated In Lego


We all played with Lego as children. Building small houses, creating little men and women and having control over what they do, it’s almost like a real version of the Sims. Lego is one of the greatest toys in the world because of the versatility and amount of things you can create with them. It […]


10 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Europe


When people think of Europe, a lot of fun and adventurous associations come to mind. It is a diverse and culturally rich part of our world that has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The economy in Europe today is not in its best state, but the peace and serenity of the region […]


10 Of The Funniest Hacked Road Signs


Road signs are a great way to tell the public about any issues up ahead, whether it is due to weather, road works or a crash. Unfortunately, as with almost all modern technology, they are prone to being hacked. It is the road signs in this list that have been hacked, or they haven’t and […]

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