30 Pieces Of Junk That Were Transformed Into Something Awesome.


We've all heard of DIY projects that repurpose old items laying around the house. Well, the reality is you can repurpose ANYTHING — including broken items. None of us likes breaking something. Whether the item was brand new and didn't deserve it or very old and had it coming — it's ..


Once This Egg Starts To Spin You Won’t Be Able To Look Away.


Easter eggs just got a little psychedelic makeover. Jiri Zemanek and his team AA4CC from the Czech Republic, didn’t use standard paints and brushes to decorate their Easter eggs this year. Instead, they used an EggBot, an art robot that paints and draws whatever design is programmed. Although, every ..


10 Ways Laughter Can Benefit Your Life


Laughter and happiness go hand in hand, so if you want to lead a happier life, laughter is key. Laughter can affect all aspects of your life, from your relationship to your heart’s health, but did you know that women laugh 25% more than men? The list below contains a tonne of other facts about ..


10 Of The Most Beautiful Places You Have To Visit


The world is a marvelous place, filled with more wonders than we can imagine. While there may only be seven wonders of the world, we’re sure these will fit your bill. Our list contains some of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see, and these are places that will make you want to book ..


10 Of The Most Amazing Tree Tunnels Ever


Nature is truly impressive. That much we can gather from what’s around us. In our everyday lives, we don’t pay much attention to plants or animals, because they’ve been around for as long as we can remember. But it is these plants an animals that make the world what it is — imagine ..


10 Tips To Have A Happy And Successful Life


Leading a happy and successful life is something we all strive for, but not many of us truly achieve this. To lead a happy life, and to truly be happy, you have to become greater than those around you. Whether you’re finding happiness to become a better person or to just live a better life, […]


10 Real Places That Look Imaginary


The world is full of beautiful places. Places that look so crazy, so amazing that it’s as if they’ve been created in someone’s imagination. Well, the places in this list are real, as real as anything else in the world. Whether it’s the biggest salt flat in the world, which is essentially ..


10 Of The Best Perfectly Timed Images


Perfectly timed photos are incredibly hard to come by — since need to have your camera out ready to take a picture, be at the perfect angle and snap the moment at the perfect time. These three things don’t line up too often, but when they do, they create images such as these. We’ve ..


10 Surprisingly Unusual Lifestyle Choices People Have Made


Whether to stand out from the crowd, to prove a point or simply to try to be themselves, people often undergo serious lifestyle changes. In most cases, such a choice is often inspired by the thought of positive change for one’s attitude, habits and life. However, in other cases, things start to go to the […]


10 Secret Marvel Movie Endings You Didn’t Know About


While most of the marvel movies in the last few years have had quite the interesting and compelling ending, it turns out most of those films had very different endings planned at one point or another. Sometimes the ending was changed because the studio wanted to go in an entirely different direction. ..

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