This BILLION Dollar Wedding Is Causing A Huge Stir On The Internet.


Sure, you may have attended one or two posh, expensive weddings — but we can say with confidence that you've probably never attended a wedding like this. It was the ceremony of Said Gutseriyev and Khadija Uzhakhovs, and it cost about $1 billion dollars to throw. Paid for by the groom's ..


30 WTF Historical Photos That Will Make You Glad To Be Alive In 2016.


We often look back at the past in disbelief of how people were able to live differently from the way we do today. Without iPhones, for example. Newcomers fail to realize that our present is fairly new, and that those "ancient" times that include clunky inventions and tailored outfits were not that ..


The 23 Most Awkward Family Photos Ever… ‘Bad’ Grandpa Cracked Me Up.


In spite of how cool and sophisticated one becomes, every person has lived through an awkward stage. Whether it’s the torturous teenage years or having gone through the fashion failure of the 1980’s, there is no way to deny those embarrassing phases. And with the beauty of social media, people are embracing ..


This Dog’s Maternity Photos Have Made Her An Internet Sensation.


At this point, maternity photo sessions are pretty par for the course — sometimes, it feels like your Facebook feed is fully of pregnant friends standing in forested areas, proudly holding their swollen bellies. But this is a maternity photoshoot like you've never seen before. The star of the shoot ..


While Diving In Hawaii, This Tourist Made An Unlikely Little Friend


Pufferfish may be the second-most poisonous vertebrates in the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be tickled! When scuba diving for the first time in Hawaii, this group of divers discovered a pufferfish who is just as affectionate as your average labrador. The little guy let the friendly ..


THIS Is How You Fix Your Shrunken Sweaters…Don’t Throw Them Out!


Everyone’s experienced a bit of shrinkage in their lives… You find that beloved sweater, t-shirt, or pair of pants mixed in with a load of laundry that you dried on high. Somehow, you managed to shrink it down to a size fit for a toddler. Instead of crying over the passing of a silky-soft ..


10 Disgusting Foods You Won’t Believe People Actually Eat


We eat food each and every day. Most of the time we only eat foods that are native to our country, with other foods being imported from various other cultures and having been made mainstream. Well, in our list we’ve got some of the most disgusting foods you’ll ever see, and hopefully will ..


10 Of The Best Gadgets To Help Your Health


The new craze nowadays is technology that can help you track your exercise, offer feedback and give you important pieces of information such as the calories you’ve burned or the time you’ve been working out. While there seems to be thousands of these things on the market, we’ve narrowed ..


10 Of The Most Shocking Prep School Scandals


Prep Schools are often thought of the places where the cream of the crop get their educations. These are the kids of some of the most well to do families in their area, if not the entirely country and people expect those kinds of kids to have a certain upbringing and understand there is a […]


10 Of The Most Ridiculous Crime Excuses Ever Given


When people get caught doing something they are not supposed to do, they usually come up with an excuse. And while most excuses do tend to be illogical and strange, sometimes people’s creativity and imagination gets mixed up with their sense of self-preservation, resulting in some of the most ridiculous ..

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