10 Wonderfully Bizarre Guitar-Shaped Items


You don’t always have to turn the world around you into guitar-inspired items in order to prove your love for the classical rock and country, but some people just can’t help themselves! From choppers, to toilets, to mile-long forests, people around the world have been inspired so much by this ..


10 Bizarre Traditions Of Love That Are Gone


Today there are a lot of different traditions of love that we see in public almost every single day – holding hands, taking people out on dates, flirting, kissing in public – they all seem quite simple and not unusual whatsoever. At one point, even using online dating or dating apps was considered ..


10 Insanely Weird Contact Lenses


Whether you have impaired vision or not, you might have considered putting on contact lenses at least once in your life. However, while changing the color of your eyes is rather normal, using weird contact lenses to change your appearance and to stand out of the crowd is quite the bizarre choice. As the number ..


10 Most Useless And Craziest World Records


The Guinness Book of World Records has been the official organization for holding amazing feats, largest collections, and other insane stunts. Breaking records is always amusing, seeing people push beyond their limits to be the best in their fields. However, many of these world records are just plain ..


10 Weird And Shocking Laws In India


India is a South Asian country that holds the second-highest population in the world and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and five other countries in the area, including Pakistan. While it had a booming economic power in the 90’s, some issue it’s faced includes widespread poverty, ..


10 Eerie Abandoned Places In Australia That Will Give You Chills


The continent of Australia is huge and it’s not that surprising that a lot of places that used to be cinemas, hospitals or bars are now abandoned due to people moving to cities and more populated zones. The places Australia forgot are eerie and a bit creepy, with a slight hint of doom. We’ve ..


10 Extremely Horrifying Museums That Will Give You Nightmares


Inspiring artworks, astonishing masterpieces, learning, beauty and creativity are usually words that people think of when it comes to museums. However, the following 10 museums could not be any different. Coming straight out of your worst dreams, these museums tend to celebrate the unnatural, bizarre ..


He Put Peeps Inside A Vacuum Chamber, And The Result Is Hilarious…


Peeps are one of the most popular candies children receive during Easter. These marshmallow, neon chicks and bunnies are not necessarily the favourite treats, but they are part of the holiday tradition. YouTube vlogger, Crazy Russian Hacker has opted out of eating the candies. Since he loves to do experiments ..


He Carefully Joins Sticks Together. When He’s Finished… I Can’t Believe My Eyes.


Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who relies on nature to provide him with the tools and the canvas he needs for his work. The Brit uses leaves, ice, rocks, and snow to create ephemeral sculptures in landscapes and cities. His creations can be found in Canada, Brazil, Spain, and the United States, to name ..


The Easter Bunny Ruined Their Lives, But I Can’t Stop Laughing.


Parents are confusing kids when it comes to the Easter bunny. We talk about the fluffy, long-haired rabbit who hops around the house leaving chocolate treats everywhere. We even point out the wild rabbits roaming around in fields and the neighbourhood, telling little ones these cuddly creatures are watching ..

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