10 Bizarre Facts About Fecal Matter


Aside from those who work within the gastroenterology department at your local hospital and the kids in middle school, most people don’t like talking about fecal matter – or poop. With the incredible exception of Kim Kong-il, who is said to have never defecated in his entire life, every single ..


10 Weird British Sayings That Didn’t Translate To America


Believe it or not, not everything that’s said in America can be directly translated to other countries. When you say “my bad” or “you do the math,” that confuses Brits because they never hear the first expression and they refer to the subject of math in a plural form, “maths.” ..


10 Of The Most Hilarious Tattoo Cover Ups


Tattoos are forever. Being inked is a lifetime choice, a permanent commitment marked on your skin. One should know before taking a leap that when it’s there, it’s there. Thus, bad tattoos also serve as constant reminders to previous mistakes. Even the most advanced and most expensive laser ..


10 Surprising Easter Eggs In Apple Devices


Easter contains many traditions, including a scavenger hunt that involves finding eggs with candy in them. This is how the terminology of “Easter eggs” came into fruition — they’re hidden features that are amusing and potentially valuable. Many movies, devices, and video games ..


10 Celebrities With Pretty Strange Hobbies


Celebrities, believe it or not, are actually human beings, which makes them incredibly similar to every single one of you. Despite being immensely rich, popular, and stuck up on a pedestal, these individuals still act like people in their spare time. In fact, many celebrities have their own sets of hobbies ..


10 Things Statistically Harder To Do Than Wining The Lottery


We always hear just how much of a long shot it is to win big in the lottery, but is it really that big of a long shot? Certainly it’s not something that is statistically all that easy to pull off, or we’d be seeing Powerball winners all the time. That in turn would make […]


10 Awesome DIY Projects That You Have To Try


Do you ever have the urge to be creative? Or maybe you are creative and want to try something different? But some people are probably just bored at home all the time and feel like they should do something productive, so they try to make new things for their homes. If you are looking for […]


10 Funny And Extreme Ways To Prevent Cheating


Admit it — unless you were the do-gooder teacher’s pet, you’ve probably cheated at least once, or twice, or a few times in your scholastic lives. Sometimes we just forgot to study, or didn’t understand the lesson at all, and some help from our neighboring classmates can make or break ..


10 Amazing Pieces Of 3D Street Art


Art is an amazing thing. It’s beautiful and can help us to relax, whether we’re painting it or just looking at it. Nowadays though, people are more into 3D things than they do 2D things — have you ever been walking down the street and seen some street art? There is plenty of street ..


10 Of The Funniest Local News Captions


The news is something most of us watch every day. Whether you want to catch up on recent events, or just can’t be bothered to change the channel, it is a one-stop place for strange and enticing stories. What we don’t see too often though, is weird captions. You know the ones we’re talking ..

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