10 Weird Things That Happened During Surgery


Usually you’d think that the surgical room is a sterilized place where people do nothing else but strictly concentrate on saving lives. And while the sterilization and the saving lives part are almost always a given, the truth is that in most cases, surgeons would laugh and tell jokes, to ease ..


10 Astonishing Abandoned Buildings Turned into Street Art Masterpieces


What are your first thoughts when you think of an abandoned building? A horror movie, a junkyard filled with drug addicts? Probably an art gallery is one of the last things you’d consider such buildings and places, but the truth is that some street artists manage to find the value in these places ..


10 Innocent Photos That Somehow Manage To Be Dirty


Sometimes, people just aren’t thinking when they decide to put an image on their product or their store. When they don’t think, accidents can and do happen, and it is these pictures or words that often turn out to be a hilarious mistake. Whether it is the positioning of the image, the placement ..


10 Of The Worst Mascots Ever Created


Mascots are an awesome way to get the crowd excited at a sporting event. They often come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from panthers to crazy looking birds. Well, we’ve scoured the internet and have come up with some of the strangest mascots you’ll ever see. From a baby that looks ..


10 Of The Best “Dad Shower” Cakes


Having a baby is one of the greatest experiences of your life. They will give you a sense of fulfillment and responsibility, and will also give you a sense of what life is like with lack of sleep. Sure, they cry, poop their pants and almost everything else that can drive someone insane, but they […]


10 Incredible Facts About Blindness You Probably Don’t Know


Do you think that you know everything about blindness? Think again. For instance, did you know that individuals who are blind are more apt to have dreams than individuals with normal vision? Or did you know that the rate of divorce for blind individuals is just one-third the divorce rate for Americans ..


10 Facts You Probably Never Knew


We have been told since we were children that gum will take seven years to digest if we swallow it — mainly an old wives tale, and we didn’t swallow it because we were scared of what would happen. This list contains ten facts that you thought were true, but are not. Like bananas, did […]


10 Hilarious Toy Fails You Have To See


There are thousands, if not millions, of toys in the world, coming in all shapes and sizes. We had tonnes of toys when we were kids, and most of the ones on this list you’ll recognize because they’re from popular franchises. Well, kind of. The toys on this list try to be something they’re ..


30 Animals With Unusual Markings, #14 Is Absolutely Stunning.


Just like humans, animals have the potential to be born with a distinct set of characteristics, genetic mutations that effect how they look and interact with the world around them. However, as animals have fur, feathers, and scales, the possibility for variation is basically endless: Vibrant colors, ..


30 People Having Too Much Fun At Work, But OUCH At #25.


Unless you work at Google or as a sky-diving professional, work can get pretty boring. You dreadfully wake up each morning and try to snooze your alarm clock as many times as you can before being late to work. You clock in and instantaneously dream of the moment you'll clock out later that day. You […]

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