10 Awesome DIY Projects That You Have To Try


Do you ever have the urge to be creative? Or maybe you are creative and want to try something different? But some people are probably just bored at home all the time and feel like they should do something productive, so they try to make new things for their homes. If you are looking for […]


10 Funny And Extreme Ways To Prevent Cheating


Admit it — unless you were the do-gooder teacher’s pet, you’ve probably cheated at least once, or twice, or a few times in your scholastic lives. Sometimes we just forgot to study, or didn’t understand the lesson at all, and some help from our neighboring classmates can make or break ..


10 Amazing Pieces Of 3D Street Art


Art is an amazing thing. It’s beautiful and can help us to relax, whether we’re painting it or just looking at it. Nowadays though, people are more into 3D things than they do 2D things — have you ever been walking down the street and seen some street art? There is plenty of street ..


10 Of The Funniest Local News Captions


The news is something most of us watch every day. Whether you want to catch up on recent events, or just can’t be bothered to change the channel, it is a one-stop place for strange and enticing stories. What we don’t see too often though, is weird captions. You know the ones we’re talking ..


10 Adorable Pictures Of Animals Licking Windows


We all love animals, they’re adorable and are always there when you need them. They know how we’re feeling and love to make us feel better, especially when we’re upset and dreading everything. Have you ever seen your pet lick a window? Most of the time, we see our dogs licking the outside ..


Library Book 49 Years Overdue Was Finally Returned With This Honest Note.


All of us have probably returned a library book very, very late (or perhaps just never returned it at all, whoops). However, odds are that few of us have returned a book 50 years later — but that's exactly what this Ohio man did. The University of Dayton says former student, James Phillips, ..


Natalie Portman’s 13 Year-Old MALE Double Is Freaking Everyone Out.


It's been years since we've heard about Natalie Portman's double Sarah Lane for the film Black Swan, a controversy that divided the Internet, but netizens have recently been going crazy about a new double that the lauded actress has never even met: a man called Clyff. A photo of 13-year-old ..


He Puts Plastic Bottles In An Oven For A Reason That BLEW Me Away.


Nowadays, most people recycle their plastic — after all, typically plastic doesn't degrade for a very, very long time in a landfill, and it can be reused for a variety of things, quite easily. And not all plastics are created equal, either. HDPE is one of the most indestructible types out there, ..


Kids Were Allowed To Do Their Mom’s Makeup, And The Results Were Stunning.


Many moms let their curious daughters try on their makeup, but this amazing series of photographs documents something a little bit different: What happens when young girls put makeup on their moms? The series is entitled #DaughterDoesMyMakeup, and it enlisted a group of girls to apply makeup to their ..


A Crying Woman Was Too Upset To Place Her Order, The Staff’s Response… YES!


As much as we'd like to forget it, tragedy happens all across the world, all the time. The sadness and grief that humans experience is unavoidable, but what sets us apart from it all is how we choose to deal with it. Sometimes, all it takes to combat tragedy is a bit of connection, kindness, […]

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