15 Reasons Why Medieval Children Were Scared Of The Easter Bunny.


The Easter Bunny is one of the most recognizable holiday symbols — you feel bad for biting into a candied version from your local drugstore — but did you know that rabbits were sometimes depicted as giant killers in the medieval period? But why would anyone think that, you ask? Here's a possible ..


The World’s Fluffiest Cat Is Basically A White Cloud With Paws.


Sky the cat is not overweight, he just has a lot of fur. The six-year-old only weighs 14 pounds but the massive amount of fluff makes him look like three to four times his actual size. The Ragdoll breed is usually long and muscular, as well as docile. Sky’s human Lauren, began an Instagram account ..


Can You Spot The Easter Egg Hiding Among The Bunnies? It’s Harder Than It Looks.


Gergely Dudás aka Dudolf just gave us his own version of an Easter egg hunt. Except, in this case the Hungarian artist did his own twist on it. You may remember Dudolf as the man behind the illustrations of the hidden panda among a sea of snowmen or the panda concealed between the dangerous Stormtroopers ..


The Smithsonian’s Secret Storage Room Is Like A Scene From 'National Treasure.'


Roy “Chip” Clark joined the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. in 1973 as a photographer. His job allowed him the luxury to photograph the museum’s extensive collection of dinosaurs, jewels, exotic animals, and mummies. Although more than 90% of the museum’s collection ..


60 Year-Old Swimsuit Model Will Give You New Life Goals.


As consumers we are bombarded with images of beautiful, young women barely out of their teens posing in itty-bitty bikinis. Their poses seem unnatural, an ideal of sexiness that even 20-somethings struggle to achieve. For their latest swimsuit collection, online store The Dreslyn and lingerie shop Land ..


Baby Born With ‘Anchorman’ Hair Is The Internet’s Youngest Star.


Isabelle “Izzie” Kaplan is giving other babies serious hair envy. The two-and-a-half month old was born with a full set of hair; anchorman style. But it wasn’t until a family member posted a photo of the baby on Reddit that it went viral with over three million views. Memes and comparisons to Ron Burgundy ..


29 Weird Japanese Inventions That You Don’t Need… But Will Definitely Want.


Japan has always been known to be innovative but sometimes it's hard to believe how ridiculous some of their inventions are. I believe they don't have any limits during their creative process, they create what they want to create. And when you let inventors create what they want, they come up with ..


Once This Egg Starts To Spin You Won’t Be Able To Look Away.


Easter eggs just got a little psychedelic makeover. Jiri Zemanek and his team AA4CC from the Czech Republic, didn’t use standard paints and brushes to decorate their Easter eggs this year. Instead, they used an EggBot, an art robot that paints and draws whatever design is programmed. Although, every ..


Puffer Fish WON’T Leave His BFF While A Human Performs A Careful Rescue.


Life is so much more beautiful when we have friends around. One pufferfish found out what a great friend he has when he got stuck in a fishing net. Rather than swim away, the smaller fish stayed with him even as it appeared he was not going to be able to get out. Luckily, a […]


He Bought An Old Garage, What He Did Inside… I’m So Jealous.


When artist Robert Guthrie was looking to buy a house, he knew he was not going to go for something traditional. Guthrie purchased a 1918 gas station in New Orleans, two miles from the French Quarter with the vision to transform it into his home. He took the 2,000 square foot station and installed a […]

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