25 Funny Bathroom Signs… #11 Is So Hilarious It Made Me Pee.


It's one of those things that's everywhere we go but also is so commonplace that we hardly notice it at all: It's the sign for the bathroom, and we can count more than a few times we were happy to see it. Still though, there's not much you can do to inspire creativity in a […]


26 Before/After Photos Show The Impact A Loving Home Has On Cats.


According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 42.9 million households own a cat. The average lifespan of a cat is 15 years, so no matter where you're at in life when you first meet your beloved feline, you'll certainly grow together. In recent news, for example, an Japanese grandmother ..


30 Of The Funniest Notes Ever Written, But #17 Might Have Gone Too Far.


We may have more advanced forms of communication, but there’s nothing quite like a handwritten note. The way we write is telling of our personalities and situations. For example, graphologists note that if you slant your handwriting to the right, you are most likely a friendly, sentimental, and impulsive ..


30 Of The Weirdest Things Ever Seen By Flight Attendants.


You never know what to expect when boarding a plane. The best we can do is hope and pray that the plane is filled with normal people who have common courtesy. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. The longer the flight is, the more likely it is for the weirdness to come out of people. […]


25 Hilarious Examples Of Instant Karma That’ll Leave You Satisfied.


What goes around, comes around. Karma started out as a belief in Hinduism or Buddhism that the actions of a person's current and/or previous states of existence determine their fate in future existences (other lives after reincarnation). Today, karma has grown to be a belief believed by many people, ..


24 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Hair… #14 Is So True.


As superficial as it seems, hair has the power to weigh us down and lift us up both mentally and physically. A bad haircut can make you want to hide and a good one can make you feel like a million bucks. Hair also has a functional effect in protecting our scalp from severe weather […]


He Put Peeps Inside A Vacuum Chamber, And The Result Is Hilarious…


Peeps are one of the most popular candies children receive during Easter. These marshmallow, neon chicks and bunnies are not necessarily the favourite treats, but they are part of the holiday tradition. YouTube vlogger, Crazy Russian Hacker has opted out of eating the candies. Since he loves to do experiments ..


They Bought An Old Trampoline, And Used It In Ways I’ve Never Considered.


There's probably not another backyard toy that's as beloved as the trampoline. Sure, they might be slightly dangerous — but what's a bit of danger when you can also have hours of fun bouncing and doing tricks with the whole family? Eventually, though, trampolines get rusty. The centers ..


Once This Egg Starts To Spin You Won’t Be Able To Look Away.


Easter eggs just got a little psychedelic makeover. Jiri Zemanek and his team AA4CC from the Czech Republic, didn’t use standard paints and brushes to decorate their Easter eggs this year. Instead, they used an EggBot, an art robot that paints and draws whatever design is programmed. Although, every ..


29 Weird Japanese Inventions That You Don’t Need… But Will Definitely Want.


Japan has always been known to be innovative but sometimes it's hard to believe how ridiculous some of their inventions are. I believe they don't have any limits during their creative process, they create what they want to create. And when you let inventors create what they want, they come up with ..

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