10 People That Have No Idea How To Use Technology


The rate that technology is being created and improved is unfathomable. There are so many devices nowadays that it’s essentially impossible to know just how many variations are out there. They are being improved on day-by-day, so fast and so crazily that understanding just how your piece of technology ..


10 Animals That Decided To Mess With Bees


Bee strings are something almost everyone in the world is afraid of — whether they’re allergic or not. They’re painful, they last for quite a while and the swelling around the area can be horrible. It seems like other creatures on this planet don’t like being stung by bees either. ..


10 Of The Most Ridiculous Items Ever Created


Have you ever been to the shops, seen something and thought it was the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen? Well unless it was a book about crafting with cat hair or some Chocolate Dipped Nacho Cheese Doritos, it probably doesn’t top our list of the most ridiculous things ever created. ..


10 Of The Most Hilarious Images On The Internet


The internet has been around for quite some time now, and it seems like there are no limits as to what is posted online. Nowadays, seemingly everyone in the world is online at some point, and that means that a lot of people’s senses of humor is online too — that’s what makes images ..


10 Bizarre Facts About Sex You Don’t Know


The majority of psychologists and licensed marriage counselors across the world will agree that sex is an incredibly important part of any romantic relationship. Some even argue that it is one of the most important aspects. Sex with your partner is one of the greatest things you can find yourself entangled ..


10 Weirdest And Unusual Easter Treats


Easter sometimes feels like the fusion of Christmas and Halloween. Gifts are given in the form of baskets, and they are generally filled with plastic eggs that contain candy, chocolate Easter bunnies, and lots of jelly beans. Sometimes actual gifts will even be thrown into the basket for kids. Other ..


10 Hilarious Photos That Show How Shopping With Kids Is An Uphill Battle


Whenever we can, we’re taking our shopping trips by ourselves precisely because the same trips with kids in tow can be a bit of a pain. Some kids are just whiny and are willing to let us know over and over that they’re ready to go home. Other times, the kids will go out of […]


10 Of The Strangest Toys That Originate From Japan


Japan is a pretty weird country. People can sleep on the job, there are hotels that resemble pet cages, and there seems to be an obsession with drawing young girls and making them out to be over 1,000 years old so it’s OK to see them naked. It’s no surprise then that some of their […]


10 Disgusting Facts You Didn’t Know About Insects


Let’s not beat around the bush — insects are disgusting creatures. It’s a topic that can be very divisive between people that find it fascinating and others that cringe at the sight of it. The idea of spiders and bugs crawling around you, let alone it actually happening, is enough to give ..


10 Shocking Facts About The Titanic


The RMS Titanic sinking remains one of the biggest disasters in the world. Over 1,500 people of the 2,224 passengers and crew died on the ill-fated voyage from Southampton to New York City. The last remaining survivor, Elizabeth Gladys Milvina Dean, died in 2009. She was only two months old when aboard ..

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