20 Hilariously Effective Ways To Forget About Your Ex.


Break ups are like leaving a job. Sometimes you quit and in other cases you might've been let go, but you can't dwell on the pain or look down on yourself as a pathetic little thing. While crying can be a cathartic experience, you were made to do more than just that all day. Get […]


The Smithsonian’s Secret Storage Room Is Like A Scene From 'National Treasure.'


Roy “Chip” Clark joined the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. in 1973 as a photographer. His job allowed him the luxury to photograph the museum’s extensive collection of dinosaurs, jewels, exotic animals, and mummies. Although more than 90% of the museum’s collection ..


He Carefully Joins Sticks Together. When He’s Finished… I Can’t Believe My Eyes.


Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who relies on nature to provide him with the tools and the canvas he needs for his work. The Brit uses leaves, ice, rocks, and snow to create ephemeral sculptures in landscapes and cities. His creations can be found in Canada, Brazil, Spain, and the United States, to name ..


Can You Spot The Easter Egg Hiding Among The Bunnies? It’s Harder Than It Looks.


Gergely Dudás aka Dudolf just gave us his own version of an Easter egg hunt. Except, in this case the Hungarian artist did his own twist on it. You may remember Dudolf as the man behind the illustrations of the hidden panda among a sea of snowmen or the panda concealed between the dangerous Stormtroopers ..


30 Hilariously Confused People Who Think They’ve Met A Celebrity.


Have you ever had moments where you thought you saw a celebrity? You instantly take a double look and analyze their features until you've finally decide "No, there's no way President Obama would be in a fast food restaurant alone unattended by his secret service." Well, apparently not everyone ..


The 30 Worst Product Names Of All Time… #14 Is An Absolute Disaster.


A product's packaging can determine whether or not the consumer will notice the product, let alone take it to the check out aisle. Choosing the right color, logo, and name are extremely important. With that said, you'll be amazed by product names that exist. It seems the marketing and design ..


Two Parakeet Brothers Give Each Other The Funniest Hello…


There isn't enough parakeet love out there, but that will soon change as more and more people are introduced to the Famjam YouTube! In this playful flock, you'll find two Indian ringneck parakeets, Fabio, 2 years old, and Gabriel, 1 year young! The pair is taken care of by 23-year-old bird mom, ..


60 Year-Old Swimsuit Model Will Give You New Life Goals.


As consumers we are bombarded with images of beautiful, young women barely out of their teens posing in itty-bitty bikinis. Their poses seem unnatural, an ideal of sexiness that even 20-somethings struggle to achieve. For their latest swimsuit collection, online store The Dreslyn and lingerie shop Land ..


The Easter Bunny Ruined Their Lives, But I Can’t Stop Laughing.


Parents are confusing kids when it comes to the Easter bunny. We talk about the fluffy, long-haired rabbit who hops around the house leaving chocolate treats everywhere. We even point out the wild rabbits roaming around in fields and the neighbourhood, telling little ones these cuddly creatures are watching ..


He Bought An Old Garage, What He Did Inside… I’m So Jealous.


When artist Robert Guthrie was looking to buy a house, he knew he was not going to go for something traditional. Guthrie purchased a 1918 gas station in New Orleans, two miles from the French Quarter with the vision to transform it into his home. He took the 2,000 square foot station and installed a […]

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