15 Reasons Why Medieval Children Were Scared Of The Easter Bunny.


The Easter Bunny is one of the most recognizable holiday symbols — you feel bad for biting into a candied version from your local drugstore — but did you know that rabbits were sometimes depicted as giant killers in the medieval period? But why would anyone think that, you ask? Here's a possible ..


Contagious Laughter On A Busy Train Will Have You Laughing Right Along With Everyone


When you think of the subway, laughter and joy aren’t normally the first words that come to mind. It’s a cramped place full of grumpy commuters, and there’s always someone who decides it’s an apt location to eat a smelly tuna sandwich or clip their fingernails. Yet sometimes, ..


You’re Going To Go Crazy For These Ridiculously Easy Sweet Treat Kitchen Tricks


Pretty much every night at around 10 p.m. I start craving dessert. …That’s precisely why I don’t keep sweet things in my apartment. Whenever I do, they “disappear” in a matter of days, if not hours. If you’re like me and can’t get enough in the way of the most ..


Their Dad Put A Box In The Backseat With Them…Then They Saw What Was Inside!


No emotion is off limits when a surprise is brewing. You have to prepare yourself for anything: excitement, happiness, disbelief… But when this mom started filming to capture the moment she gave her daughters a brand-new puppy, she knew one thing was going to happen with one of her little girls ..


10 Odd Robots Saving Human Lives


Hollywood and video games tend to portray robots as an infinite evil sent to destroy mankind, all thanks to our own wrongdoings and misfortune. However, in reality, robots and artificial intelligence, which are improving by leaps and bounds these days, have actually begun to help humankind in various ..


10 Weird Tales Of Subterranean Civilization


The thought of living inside of a dark, cavernous hole in the Earth is a bit terrifying, unleashing your claustrophobia, and is oddly thrilling. For others, though, it just makes perfect sense. Science has found entire civilizations and cities that have been built underground, and myths and tales have ..


10 Of The Most Terrifying Cases Of Arson


Being burned alive is probably considered one of the most horrifying ways a human being can die. It smells bad and is probably excruciatingly painful to anyone unlucky enough to experience the method of torture. Sadly, there are arsonists in this world who have no qualms about killing someone by using ..


10 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About Clowns


Whether or not you have a righteous fear of clowns or not, it is difficult to not admit that these beings are creepy and otherworldly in most cases. They wear pale white make-up, color their eyes and mouths red, have large smiles hiding gnarly teeth, and tend to focus on children with their acts. This ..


10 Shocking And Bizarre Things People Have Found At The Beach


Going on the hunt for something valuable at the beach has long been a practice people of all walks of life have done. On occasion, people have found things that weren’t exactly valuable but certainly weird. Sometimes the stuff that showed up on the beach was downright creepy and unsettling but most ..


10 Hilarious Examples Of Karma That’ll Leave You Satisfied


The old saying about Karma says that what goes around, comes around. These particular pictures show that when you don’t treat people with the utmost respect, when you decide to ignore their wants and feelings, you are going to find yourself on the pointy end of Karma’s long spear. That’s ..

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