10 Of The Most Dangerous Guns In The World


There has always been a distinct connection between various forms of firearms and mankind. For some odd reason, we absolutely love high-powered weapons that can cut down another person in a time of war. Within the modern era we currently find ourselves in, weapon manufacturers are constantly producing ..


10 Incredible Headlines That Had To Come From Florida


Florida gives us some of the most unique stories out there. Does somebody want to attach a firing range to a bar? Did a man try to blame a cat for downloading child pornography on his computer? Is a strip club offering free flu shots to customers? Those are just three crazy headlines that are […]


10 Terrifying Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You


Everyone loathes having to visit the doctor — and going to the hospital is about ten times worse. Despite our fear of these highly trained and learned individuals, doctors are experts known for their craft. They have spent a decade or more in school learning how to treat all manner of ailments. ..


10 Amazing Facts About The New Ninth Planet


At the beginning of this year, the scientific community was thoroughly shaken up after it was discovered that a new planet likely exists. After Pluto was out of the game and then brought back, there’s now a chance a similar thing might happen with the ninth planet that’s ten times as big as the Earth. ..


10 Systems Of Writing Humanity May Never Decipher


Without a single language in the world everything would be vastly different today. Most people would agree that the spoken and written languages of every single culture on this planet help with human expression and creativity. Language allows us to communicate with our friends and family, it allows us to share ..


10 Things More Expensive Than They Should Be


Everything in this world has a price tag on it these days, it would appear. However, there are some things in the world that are just far too overpriced when they really shouldn’t be. You would think basic needs, and even some basic luxuries, would be a bit more cost efficient, but that doesn’t ..


10 Crazy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Australia


Australia, the wildest continent on Earth, is as wide as the distance you need to travel when going from London to Moscow. It’s also the second country in the world that was kind enough to allow women to vote. Furthermore, it’s so nice that every seven days, more than 70 people overstay their ..


10 Famous People You Had No Idea Had Myspace Profiles


Remember MySpace? No? This was a website that was the kind of the social media landscape before Facebook kicked it off the thrown and made it little more than the court jester. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this turn of events was just how quickly Myspace went from being the social media website ..


10 Useful Tips To Improve Your Focus And Concentration


The human mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially when we know about its true and full potential. Our mind works similarly to any other muscle in our body; the more we exercise it, the better it functions and the stronger it gets. A lot of people claim to have trouble focusing on their […]


10 Statistics That Make You Worry About The World


They say that the first step to fixing a problem is to recognize that the problem exists in the first place. There are many problems in the world right now, ranging from environmental to social issues. These problems have existed for sometime now and have gradually compounded over the past few decades. ..

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