At 0:39 This Real-Life Rapunzel Reveals The Surprising Downside Of Long Hair.


This family must spend a fortune in hair products. Their matriarch, 43-year-old Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell has never had a haircut, growing her long locks into an impressive 74 inches in length. Her three daughters Callan, Cendalyn, and Chesney are following in her footsteps with their own long manes ..


He Starts A Fire With A LEMON, How He Does It Is So Clever.


Admittedly, most of us will probably never find ourselves in a survival situation, one that relies solely on our ability to MacGyver the hell out of whatever we can find. Despite that, it's still fun to imagine what would happen if we were in that situation — especially when we come across ..


10 Travel Expectations Vs Their Realities


We all hope to travel sometime in our lives. We have expectations of what it will be like, who it will be with and how much fun we’re going to have. But the reality is, nothing ever turns out the way we expect. When you expect to go somewhere popular, somewhere on the brochures that […]


10 Hilarious Animal Facts You Never Knew


We all thought we knew everything to know about animals, but there’s actually so much more about animals that we don’t know, like the fact that Kiwi Birds are actually known for their cannibalistic tendencies. The facts in this list are so amazing, hilarious and new that not even scientists ..


10 Of The Punniest Store Names Ever


We all love going to the shops, whether it be for clothes, food or shoes, but imagine combing them with puns. Imagine if your favorite store had a punny name — if you’re looking for somewhere to eat, why don’t you just eat at Pita Pan, maybe you’ll actually see Peter there. These ..


10 Amazing Facts About Newborn Babies You May Not Have Known


Babies are the cutest and most amazing creations in the world. Most people think they know everything about them because really, they’re just smaller versions of ourselves that can’t talk, but cry whenever they need something. But the people that think they know everything always tend to be wrong, ..


10 Funny Mistranslations On Public Signs


The problem with using words in order to communicate with people is that every word has several connotations attached to it depending on which part of the world you are from. The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, but it is far from being perfect. The other problem ..


10 Hilarious Pop Culture Cross-Overs For The Batman Vs Superman Season


A movie of truly epic proportions is about to hit theaters worldwide, bringing fans of the DC universe their first glimpse of watching their two favorite icons on the same screen. The prospect of seeing Batman and Superman collide fists and values is a tantalizing one, possibly setting up one of the best ..


10 Animals Fully Capable Of Cloning Themselves


When the word cloning comes to the forefront of a conversation, most people tend to envision Dolly the cloned sheep or some sort of science fiction universe. However, in reality, cloning actually happens on a daily basis all throughout nature. A lot of plants are fully capable of reproducing completely ..


10 Of The Most Shocking Easter Eggs Hidden Inside Hit TV Shows


Easter Eggs in television shows and movies are always incredibly interesting because they not only can hint at what’s to come, but they can also explain what already happened just a little bit better. There are even times when these Easter Eggs just hint at what the creators or the cast of the show ..

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