10 Shocking Facts About The Titanic


The RMS Titanic sinking remains one of the biggest disasters in the world. Over 1,500 people of the 2,224 passengers and crew died on the ill-fated voyage from Southampton to New York City. The last remaining survivor, Elizabeth Gladys Milvina Dean, died in 2009. She was only two months old when aboard ..


10 Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know About NASA


NASA is one of the most popular and renowned organizations in the world. The work done by NASA is truly remarkable and they are responsible for expanding our knowledge about space and space exploration. The organization is worth billions of dollars and only recruit some of the smartest minds on the planet. ..


10 Facts That Showcase The Complexity Of Earth


We have only one home, and it is a tiny blue dot floating amidst the great cosmos. Our planet is a wonderful, complex and mysterious place that has evolved over billions of years in order to create the perfect environment for us to thrive in. The diversity within our planet is truly spectacular, making ..


10 Hilarious Pictures Of People Being Rebellious


There are a lot of reasons for people to feel rebellious at this point of time. The economy is failing, the political scenario is flawed, and social and environmental problems just seem to be growing exponentially. It is quite alright to want to grow your hair long, shave once a month, support every ..


10 Of The Funniest Yard Sale Signs


The average American household is known to have more items than most other houses in the world. There are also at least 50 unused items in each American home, which is probably why yard sales are so popular in the U.S. There are so many yard sales happening in every neighborhood, that people have had […]


10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Kentucky


Kentucky, also known as the “Bluegrass State,” was the 15th state to join America and is most famously known for bourbon whiskey, hunting, horse racing, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Similar to nearby state Iowa, Kentucky doesn’t have a professional team in any sport, so college basketball ..


25 Hilarious Examples Of Instant Karma That’ll Leave You Satisfied.


What goes around, comes around. Karma started out as a belief in Hinduism or Buddhism that the actions of a person's current and/or previous states of existence determine their fate in future existences (other lives after reincarnation). Today, karma has grown to be a belief believed by many people, ..


18 People Who Found Strange Photos On Their Phone… OMG At #16.


At this point, most of us probably feel that being separated from our phones is one of the worst things that can happen. Besides the fact that phones are expensive and happen to contain our entire lives (not to mention our crucial Twitter timelines), there's also the matter of what can happen when ..


35 People Who Regret Their Tattoos… #28 Is Why You Think BEFORE You Ink.


Before anyone gets a tattoo, they should put a lot of thought and consideration into it. They're permanent; on your skin forever — that should be a good enough reason alone, right? Of course, if you don't like your tattoo you can always have it removed with a laser. However, the procedure ..


The World’s 30 Most Unusual Views… #12 Is So Rare It’s Hardly Ever Been Seen.


What's your view right now? It's probably something to the effect of: Your desk, your paperwork, your coworker who won't stop listening to death metal, your office window that looks out onto the parking lot. The list goes on, however uninspiring. But what if you could get a different view ..

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