10 Of The Worst Natural Disasters Ever Recorded


Natural disasters are a constant occurrence on this planet, and they are the one thing that is completely beyond human control. Of course climate change, which humans do contribute to, plays a significant role in certain natural events, but some of them are just Mother Nature’s way of asserting ..


10 Childhood Photos Of The World’s Most Hated People


It is easy to think of horrible people like Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein and assume that they were evil for their entire lives, and at no point could they ever be normal or decent. However, everyone was once a child, and children are among the most innocent beings on the planet. Many philosophers ..


10 Facts You Never Knew About Voodoo


Voodoo ceremonies are the one form of spooky magic that tends to conjure up ideas of spells and rituals being performed in the middle of the night. Voodoo has its history firmly rooted within Western Africa, and transferred to the southern parts of the United States, specifically in Louisiana, during ..


10 Of The Most Horrible Droughts Ever Recorded


When most people think of a terrible drought, they generally consider periods of dry weather that last just long enough to cause some damage to the local crops and force water shortages on the area. However, these dry conditions can occur for numerous reasons, most of which many people don’t even ..


10 Terrifying Realities Of Lobotomies


A lobotomy, which is known as a leucotomy within the medical world, is a type of neurological operation that involves severing all connections with the brain’s prefrontal lobe. Doctors began performing this procedure on the mentally insane during the late 1880’s. It was their first attempt ..


10 References You Missed In Star Wars: The Force Awakens


While there are literally thousands, if not millions, of fans who are likely breaking down every single second of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there are still some things even the most dedicated fans of the long running series might have missed. Some of this is because the details were given out almost ..


10 Awesome Lifehacks That Will Make Life A Lot Easier


Have you ever wanted tried to figure out a way to make some things easier, like organizing power cords, making pancakes or even just storing some cleaning supplies so that the kids can’t get to them? We’ve come up with ten awesome lifehacks to make some things easier for you. Read on to find ..


10 Hilarious Pictures Of Photoshopped Animals


Some people have a weird sense of humor, some just show their humor with jokes, others show it with other things, like Photoshopping two different types of animals into one. They have to look like the weirdest, creepiest and sometimes the cutest looking animals, but the fact that people laugh about it is even ..


10 Functional And Clever T-Shirt Designs


Nearly everyone wishes to stand out from the crowd. Some wish to do so by being playful and funny. You can’t always spend hours mixing and matching stuff from your crowded wardrobe to achieve that perfect wear that shows off your wit and charm. Neither do you always have the luxury to always find ..


10 Crazy Things Only Found In Space


The universe is a gigantic place, so big that we’ve barely even scratched the surface. We know about our solar system, how many planets are in it — even though scientists can’t even keep that number steady. But have you ever wondered about the universe outside our solar system? The sun is a pretty ..

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