24 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Hair… #14 Is So True.


As superficial as it seems, hair has the power to weigh us down and lift us up both mentally and physically. A bad haircut can make you want to hide and a good one can make you feel like a million bucks. Hair also has a functional effect in protecting our scalp from severe weather […]


26 St Patrick’s Day FAILS That Didn’t Have The Luck-O-The-Irish.


St. Patrick's Day is one of the greatest drinking holidays in the world (if not the greatest). It's a holiday that is spent consuming alcohol in bars, at parties, and during parades. With that being said, it is very easy for people to become overly drunk. And we all know what happens when you drink ..


The 30 Funniest Translation Fails Ever, I’m Still Laughing At #14.


We’ve all been there. You know exactly what you want to say but for whatever reason it comes out completely wrong. If you’ve ever lived in or traveled to a foreign country with few English speakers, you and this pain are well acquainted. The pain exists in the signs emblazoned with broken English, ..


Powerful Backstage Photos Capture The Raw Beauty Of Ballet.


In St. Petersburg, fine arts are part of the city's rich cultural heritage, and no facet of creative life in the city is more important or iconic than the Russian Ballet. To document the lives of these amazing dancers, one Russian ballet photographer created the "Soul in Feet" project. ..


‘100 Years Of Engagement Rings’ Video Proves Diamonds Look Good In Any Era.


Engagement rings represent much more than saying yes to a marriage proposal. It’s easy to assume that this piece of jewelry mostly worn on the left hand has not evolved. The only difference may seem to only come with how big the diamond stone is. The ring, however, has transformed from a delicate solitaire ..


18 Hand Gestures You Should NEVER Use When You Travel.


If you cross your fingers in the states, anyone that sees it knows that you're probably sending vibes for good luck, or hoping for the best. If you cross your fingers in Vietnam, well…let's just say that your intentions might come across a lot differently. Below is a ridiculously informative ..


10 Amazing Creations Using Nothing But Matchsticks


Our ability to create and appreciate art is one of the defining facets that separates us from other living beings on our planet. It is quite mind-blowing to consider the number of unique artistic forms that are being actively pursued at this point in time. A relatively older art form involving gluing ..


10 Famous TV Shows Surprisingly Sued For Copying


When something becomes popular, it opens itself up for more scrutiny. Celebrities that make it big generally have their lives pried into more by paparazzi. Even TV reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians have been a wild success because people looking into their lives. Sports athletes that ..


10 Facts You Never Knew About The Moon


The Moon is the closest planet-like companion within space to the Earth, so it makes sense that it was the first place we traveled with our fancy rocket ships. Despite it being quite close and familiar to the world, a lot of people know almost nothing about the Moon itself. Our satellites pick up quite ..


10 Bizarre Facts About Fecal Matter


Aside from those who work within the gastroenterology department at your local hospital and the kids in middle school, most people don’t like talking about fecal matter – or poop. With the incredible exception of Kim Kong-il, who is said to have never defecated in his entire life, every single ..

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