10 Hilarious And Witty Restroom Signs


Public restrooms are a necessary evil that hardly get any gratitude. No one really wants to have to use them and get themselves to do so with a lot of dismay. However, a few noble citizens put in a lot of thought into their signs to make the unpleasantness a little amusing. They know that […]


10 Amazing Things You May Not Know About The Oceans


The ocean is an amazing place, there’s so much there that many people haven’t seen, there’s creatures that we haven’t seen, plants, volcanoes, and so on.. You think you may know most things about the Earth, about the Oceans, but the truth is we really don’t know much at all. ..


10 Things No One Tells You About Flying


Flying high in the sky on an airplane can be one of the most terrifying experiences for many people, especially those who have a pronounced fear of flying in the first place. It has been said that the more often you fly, then the more nervous you tend to get. However, your fears are not […]


10 Odd Things Happening To Your Body After Death


Some people say death is the next big adventure in being a human being, but most people are terrified of dying. Most people don’t actually know much about the scientific side of dying, though. We simply think that our bodies decompose and end up being nothing more than bone and dust in an emptying ..


10 Facts About Being Homeless That Are Too Hard To Take


Homelessness is one of the largest, most depressing epidemics in the entire world. It is so sad and disgusting to see how we, as human beings, are treating another living person by not giving them the help they need. A lot of people, especially those living within the city, pass by a homeless person ..


10 Sets Of On-Screen Lovers Who Actually Hated Each Other


When we watch a romantic movie, we want to believe that the actors who have chemistry on screen actually like each other off screen. Perhaps the duos that we have on this list are truly great actors and that’s the reason they were able to convince us they really did carry a torch for one […]


10 Shocking Facts About Your Subconscious Mind


Ever since ‘The Secret’ first polluted pop culture with pseudo-scientific tales about the power of your mind, the topic of the subconscious has become related with metaphysical beliefs. While the debate between science and religion is still going strong, the truth is that even with today’s ..


10 Insane Photos Of Natural Phenomena


Sometimes a single photograph can make you forget your thoughts, troubles and anxieties and lead you to true cathartic experiences. Worth more than a thousand words, such a photo often shows nothing else but everything that is around us presented through the lens and perfectly captured in a single moment, ..


10 Incredibly Rare Wild Cat Species You Didn’t Know Exist


While you are sitting in the comfort of your home, enjoying your daily dose of internet cats, wild ones all around the world are roaming around waiting for you to notice them. While extremely rare, there are some incredible wild cat species, which even though you wouldn’t be able to own as a pet, ..


10 Extraordinary Make-Up Transformations You Have To See To Believe


While people constantly use make up to cover up their imperfections, others use it to transform themselves into true pieces of art. Whether using it for cosplay, doing it for an online audience or just for fun, some have turned the rather mundane act of putting up makeup into a true mastery. With the help ..

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