10 Extraordinary Facts About Hollywood You Never Knew


The mecca of the modern-day movie and TV show industry, Hollywood is one of the most recognized places on this Earth. With billions of dollars being made there every year and dozens of actors going there to pursue their dreams, Hollywood is the place where most of today’s pop culture came into ..


10 Cool Spring Activities For The Entire Family


Spring has officially sprung and now is the time to start planning some outdoor activities. Now that the cold weather is officially over, you can go outside and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, and we’ve got many spring activities are perfect for the entire family. Some spring activities ..


10 Awesome Alternatives To The Wedding Cake


Are you planning a wedding, but you want to stand out from the rest? Why not change your wedding cake into something that is far more awesome than just a cake! Whether you are a traditionalist or a modern day advocate, the truth is that if you are going to do a wedding you are […]


10 Of The Best Wrong Number Text Responses Ever


We’ve all accidentally texted the wrong number once or twice and regretted it a few minutes later, but have you had full conversations with the person you accidentally texted or have you just said sorry and left it at that? Maybe next time you get a wrong number text, you should try keeping the conversation ..


10 Awesomely Designed Buildings That Look Like Illusions


There are millions of buildings around the world, but most of them tend to look alike. They are built to serve a purpose, to keep things inside safe, secure and intact, and to keep things outside out. Since they are only built to serve a purpose, they don’t often look nice — what’s ..

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