When Her Brother Put On Her Jam, She Slayed The Dance Floor. She’s Too Funny!


We all have that one song that no matter where we hear it, we can’t help but dance. Knowing all too well that his sister Niana can’t resist the sultry stylings of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s hit song “Despacito,” older brother Ranz decided to troll her everywhere they ..


She Didn’t Think Much Of A Toy Bear Until Her Dog Stepped On It. Then She Heard This


Military members sacrifice so much when they’re away from home, and having a way to connect with their kids is so important. A few years ago, one company called Bday Bears provided active duty military members with teddy bears so they could record a message to their loved ones. A man stationed ..


Miracle Baby Survives Being Shot While Still In His Mother’s Womb


Future mothers worry all the time about what will happen to their babies. Excluding pregnancy complications, however, it’s usually pretty safe for an unborn child inside the womb. When one woman went out shopping for diapers in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, she got caught in a gunfight that would change ..


A Baby Was Left Lifeless And Blue In A Bus Stop Until This Caring Dad Came Along


In the age of the internet, it’s always possible that when you’re in public someone is pulling off a prank. Much like the old show “Candid Camera,” people sometimes leave something strange laying around and set up a camera to see what people will do. There’s even a show ..


He Begged Guards To Take Him To The Hospital. Instead, They Left Him There To Die.


One of the tenets of our justice system is that we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. That’s what trials are for, and for people who don’t have the resources to pay bail, they often wind up waiting in county jail until the trial begins. These local jails have low security risk ..


People Keep Saying That Alexa Stopped This Assault, But That May Not Be The Case


Technology is becoming smarter and smarter, and it’s around us 24/7. While this sort of sounds like the plot to a movie about robots taking over the world, the fact is that technology has made our lives easier, and oftentimes, it makes us safer. Amazon’s Echo speaker with voice-activated ..


She Told Her Boss She Needed Mental Health Days. His Response Is So Important.


While the U.S. guarantees unpaid sick leave through the Family and Medical Leave Act, it doesn’t currently require that employees have access to paid sick days. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that many Americans are afraid of getting sick because they simply can’t afford the time ..


This Teen Was Sleeping When He Felt Grinding On His Skull. He’s Lucky To Be Alive.


Going to camp is supposed to be a fun experience where you enjoy nature, take in the beautiful sights around you, and even sleep under the stars. But for 19-year-old Dylan, a staffer at a Christian camp site called Glacier View Ranch near Boulder, Colorado, things got way too wild while sleeping outside ..


It’s Really Hard To Count How Many Things Are Wrong With This Lady’s Snapchat Video


Back in 2016, a young woman named Ariana Rodriguez received a lot of criticism after sharing a Snapchat video of herself and a friend driving with a toddler in the backseat. The reason why people were so upset? Well, not only was Rodriguez recording the video on her phone as she was driving, but she […]


When She Figured Out Why Her Dog Was Dragging A Blanket Around, She Was Floored


When somebody rescued a stray puppy and her siblings from the streets of Brazil, they probably didn’t expect that she’d pay that kindness forward to another animal in need. But after the now eight-month-old dog named Lana found her forever home and came across an opportunity to help, she definitely ..

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