He Was Filming At Niagara Falls When He Captured Something Horrific


Thousands of people flock to the U.S. and Canada each year to take in the sights at one of the largest tourist attractions on the East Coast: Niagara Falls. But while most people come to escape their normal lives for a day full of selfies, souvenirs, and lots and lots of water, others have a […]


Crafter Uses Wood And Motorcycle Parts To Create Something So Useful


This do-it-yourself project was the culmination of a total accident that led one crafter to repurpose some extra junk lying around his garage. Imgur user Kai028 was in a terrible accident that left his old motorcycle completely totaled back in 2014. Left with nothing but damaged spare parts, he knew ..


Adorable Doctor Throws Dance Party To Help Out Scared Siblings


Doctors treat our bodies when we’re ill, and working in a hospital can be stressful. All day long, doctors spend time around patients and worried family members who don’t know what to do while their loved one is being treated. For small children, this experience can be particularly painful ..


Hippo Makes Hilariously Low-Speed Escape From Zoo Before Deciding To Go Home


Most zoos take great care of their animals in an effort to aid conservation. There are of course examples of places where the size of the pens is insufficient, and in the wake of documentaries like “Blackfish,” more and more of these locations are being shut down. Even at zoos where animals ..


When She Found Out A Woman Was About To Pass Away, She Did Something Beautiful


Saying goodbye to a loved one is always difficult. Grandma Helen had been in hospice care in Kansas, and the staff absolutely loved her. A young woman named Isabelle would come sing to her every Friday, and her angelic voice helped keep her spirits up. When Grandma Helen’s family knew she was about ..


She Was Supposed To Take Care Of This Baby, But Instead, She Killed Her


As a babysitter, it’s expected that every once and a while, the children put under your care are going to act out or become fussy. But while most babysitters understand that moods will eventually change, one sitter in Washington didn’t get the memo. After being entrusted to watch a four-month-old ..


Someone Stole The Halloween Candy From This Bowl, So One Kid Did The Cutest Thing


When Halloween comes around each year, in the days leading up to the main event, you can practically see lollipops in the eyes of every child you come in contact with. But being the parent of eager trick-or-treaters can mean having to leave your candy rations up to the honor system. Most people who are […]


This Handicapped Cat Might Actually Be The Cutest Animal On The Planet


For people who don’t know Rexie the cat, it might be easy to feel sorry for the disabled kitty. After all, the three-year-old does have a broken backbone, meaning his two back legs are paralyzed and that he can’t get around without his custom-made wheelchair. But as far as his mom Dasha’s ..


He Abandoned His Son In the Woods, And The Story Only Gets Weirder From There


There are some stories that are so strange it’s hard to even wrap your head around them. Generally speaking, parents love their children, and even though we hear about horrific acts of abuse and neglect all the time, it can still be hard to understand why a parent has gone off the deep end. Police ..


Their Step Team Was Mid-Routine When Someone Unexpected Joined In On The Fun


Recently, students cheered in Lake Mary High School’s gym as their fellow classmates danced during the last pep rally of the football season. The Florida school’s step team, Unity Revolution, was already prompting delighted screams with their amazing performance when one person walked up, joined ..

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