Their Baby Was Dying, But They Chose ‘Faith Healing’ Instead. Now The Child Is Gone.


When someone gets sick, their religious friends often offer to pray for them as they recover.

While many people believe in the power of prayer, they usually also acknowledge the need for doctors and modern medicine. After all, God gave us doctors to help us get through these difficult times, right? Not so in the minds of “faith healers,” or people who believe that faith alone should be able to heal any ailment.

While adults are free to do and believe whatever they want, faith healing can become illegal when parents deny their children appropriate medical care under the guise of faith. This is abuse, and it’s resulted in multiple deaths.

Sarah and Travis Mitchell belong to Followers of Christ Church, where they are firm believers in faith healing. Sarah’s sister Shannon and her husband were sentenced to six years in prison after their infant son died in 2009.

And more recently, Sarah herself gave birth to twin girls in her home. The infants were seven weeks premature, and due to complications, one of them died shortly after birth. The other needed medical attention, but they did not call 9-1-1.

The Mitchells have been arrested and charged with murder and criminal mistreatment. Their surviving daughter is now getting medical attention. Learn more about the heartbreaking case below.


(via KTVB)

This is absolutely awful. Hopefully the surviving infant finds a loving home where she will be cared for appropriately. Share this if you hope these parents receive the harshest sentence possible for their crimes.



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