They Left The GoPro On When They Left The House. What They Saw Broke Their Hearts.


I feel so guilty when I leave my pup home alone to fend for himself.

But until technology caught up, we had no way of knowing what really happened when we left. Now, almost anyone can see what goes on at home while we’re away at work or out with friends for a night. Just set up a camera or strap a GoPro to your dog and see what happens. You might come across something hilarious, but for those of us who really love our pups, it might just break your heart.

This German shepherd just paces around until his owner returns.


Youtube / Keith Knittel

This fluffy pooch does a lot of sitting and waiting at the door.


Youtube / Patrick Barnes

Dog experts warn that actually we’re probably projecting feelings of sadness or loneliness onto animals when we see them waiting for us and that they’re just fine. But if your dog is doing this…


Youtube / Anthony Serino



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