When A Teacher Saw Their Colleague Doing This, They Took A Photo That Got Her Fired


Every day, parents entrust their children to teachers, hoping they will nurture their kids and keep them safe.

This is especially important in preschool when kids are still developing at a rapid pace. Lots of kids this age attend Head Start programs, which aim to give the students a leg up before they attend kindergarten in the coming years.

We must stay vigilant about the people caring for children. Thankfully, one Head Start employee stepped in when they saw something happening that was wrong.

An employee snapped this picture of one of the Head Start teachers dragging a student down the hallway and alerted the higher-ups. The teacher dragging the student was fired.

Joseph Shorokey, CEO of Alta Care Group, which runs this Head Start program, said the teacher does not reflect the program’s values or standard for excellence. He said that this behavior is inexcusable and won’t be tolerated.

Learn more about the incident below.



I’m glad the school took quick and decisive action against this teacher. No student should have to worry about this happening to them at school. Share this if you agree with their decision.



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