When You Try To Take This Frenchie Out Of The Pool, Some Serious Hilarity Ensues


If you’ve ever seen a French bulldog, you know they’re pretty darn adorable.

But did you know that there are MINI ones? I didn’t until I stumbled upon some adorable pictures. These pint-sized cuties are rare, but once you lay eyes on one, you’ll definitely fall in love. And when they’ve got the personality of a dog ten times their size, well, who could resist?

Meet Rey. Rey is a miniature Frenchie and he has a lot going on.

His hobbies are making people squee with delight and being tiny and cute all day long.

Rey also REALLY likes hanging out at the pool. Just try to take him out of the water! No, really…

… It’s pretty darn impossible. See for yourself.

He’s just as fearless in the face of the ocean, which he also loves prancing around in.

If you love Rey as much as I do and want to see more poolside fun, make sure you follow his antics on Instagram.

Rey is the perfect antidote for the summer heat. I wouldn’t want to get out of the pool either! Share his adorableness with the dog lovers in your life.



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