Motivational platform for a corporate community
focused on common goals.

Carrotspot Platform

allows you to create incentive programs
enhances cooperation and the achievement of objectives
supports the creation of individual development programs
monitors key HR indicators

What do our customers achieve with Carrotspot?

  • reduction of turnover and recruitment costs
  • support of cooperation and knowledge sharing
  • setting and monitoring of the development objectives of the employees
  • promotion of teamwork, initiatives and innovation
  • support of CSR activity
  • talents development
Find out what you will achieve!
Benefit from HR services
Benefit from HR services

We will support you at every stage of cooperation by offering:

HR Starter - easy platform launch;

  • organizational culture study,
  • support in creating incentive programs,
  • preparation of Carrotspot configuration.

HR Performance - ongoing support:

  • monitoring the use of the platform,
  • satisfaction and effectiveness studies,
  • recommendations for the administrator and managers.
React instantly
React instantly

Managerial feedback given at the right moment is the most valuable motivator. Use the mobile application to provide instant feedback - as often as you want, from anywhere and at any time.

Use advanced diagnostic tools
Use advanced diagnostic tools

Professional knowledge in the field of organizational psychology, as well as our own diagnostic tool Carrotspot Motivation Value Index (CMVI) are our strongest points. Use them to help your employees work better and live happier.s

Benefit from intuitive technology
Benefit from intuitive technology

Carrotspot is a universal solution embedded in both theoretical models in the field of HR and psychology, as well as modern information technology. What does it mean?

  • Ease and flexibility of creating solutions tailored to the company and the employee
  • Transparency and security
  • Persistent record of all transactions
  • Building the company's partner's ecosystem
  • Full automation of settlements and payments
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Discover the benefits of Carrotspot


  • Cooperation with a reliable and experienced business partner
  • Improved retention, reduction of talent turnover, engagement of all employee groups
  • Financial savings across all HR processes in the company
  • Support for a positive company image and organizational culture


  • Infinite and flexible possibility to create incentive schemes
  • Integration with HR processes in the organization, e.g. recruitment, periodic evaluations or talent management
  • Substantive and research support in designing incentive programs
  • Advanced analytics allowing to monitor changes in organizational culture


  • Ease and convenience of using the intuitive solution
  • “Tailor-made" motivation - customized to individual needs and expectations
  • Inspiring social space focused on development, cooperation and knowledge sharing
  • Two-way feedback in "instant" mode - immediate response to your efforts and contribution

How to get there?

1 Step one

Diagnose your needs

Examine the level of motivation and sources of commitment of your employees thanks to the professional HR assistance of the Carrotspot team. Check the pulse of your organization!

2 Step two

Start engaging and motivating with Carrotspot

Use a simple, intuitive and fully flexible solution that can function independently or integrate with your existing systems.

3 Step three

Use Carrotspot programs

Create unique incentive programs and individual development programs that affect the achievement of your individual and team goals. With Carrotspot, the possibilities are endless!

4 Step four

Implement and monitor

Support the values, attitudes, competences and commitment of your employees! With Carrotspot, you can keep track of the change.

5 Step five

Build a community

Share your success. Tokens - intelligent points - operate in a social space where you can assign them, gift them to others and exchange them with your work colleagues.

6 Step six

Watch the growth

Witness positive changes in employee engagement, quality of cooperation and communication.

Simple? We can make it even simpler.

Our professional team will support you at every stage of the change!

Create the perfect workplace with Carrotspot

They talk about us

Iwona Wencel
VP CHRO, Wirtualna Polska Holding

Carrotspot is a very interesting and innovative solution to engage, motivate and appreciate employees. Thanks to the extensive and flexible possibilities of constructing gameplay mechanisms, it can be used for many projects and special tasks. Basing the platform on a modern blockchain solution also ensures its high security. Worth looking into!

Sylwia Pawełczyk-Maśluk
Chief Human Resources Orbis S.A.

The fact that blockchain guarantees true data security - within and outside the organization - is a convincing sign that this is the future. The solution strengthens employees' trust in the company and keeps them connected to it for longer.  

Cezary Mączka
Vice President of HR, Budimex

The Carrotspot platform is, on one hand, technology and on the other an intuitive platform tailored to the needs. Employees express their expectations for benefits, while the management board can precisely determine what actions to take.

It sounds simple, it can work well, motivate and support the activity of employees, but as it usually happens - the quality of the tool depends on the quality of the implementers. I keep my fingers crossed for success.


Carrotspot was appreciated in HR and start-up competitions. We received the main prize for the most innovative start-up during Corporate Demo Day HR Tech & Future Workplace, were among the finalists of the UPC Think Big: Grow Smarter competition, and received a high position in the ranking of 50 Creative in Business.