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an infinite number of rewards and motivational possibilities
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Carrotspot vs Cafeteria Approach

  • Rewards tailored to the individual needs of employees
  • Ability to define rewards
  • Rewards granted on the basis of clear and objective criteria
  • Rewards refer to both internal and external motivation
  • Builds a community and organizational culture
  • Integration with HR processes in the organization
  • Benefits often awarded in a random manner
  • Limited list of benefits offered
  • Motivation based on subjective assessment
  • Benefits affecting mainly the external motivation (e.g. $)
  • Using the cafeteria benefits without strengthening employee relations
  • Lack of flexibility in terms of integration with HR processes
Turn rewards into tokens* and use them everywhere
Turn rewards into tokens* and use them everywhere

Reward as often as you like and motivate for effective action. Each rewarded success mobilizes for increased effort. With us, you will never run out of rewards! What's more, you can define company specific ones, too!

*Token is a modern "voucher" representing a specific reward, with a unique identifier and a clear owner. It is the new currency, which being technology based, has distinct advantages over cash. This creates an opportunity to reduce the cost of employee non-wage remuneration.  

Use our professional assistance
Use our professional assistance

What will we do? 

  • Identify and analyze the internal and external motivators available in the organization
  • Measure employee satisfaction with the offered incentive system
  • Analyze the employee needs in terms of optimal selection of rewards
  • Create your company specific program and lead your company specific change management

Thanks to our HR Service you will identify motivating and demotivating factors, give your employees a voice and ensure even more engaged employees!

Engage employees throughout their entire life cycle in the company
Engage employees throughout their entire life cycle in the company

Employees are different and have different motivations. Use rewards referring to internal and external motivation. Reach everyone with "tailor-made motivation".

Reward immediately
Reward immediately

With our mobile application you have the possibility to provide immediate feedback - as often as you like, anywhere at anytime.

Use intuitive technology
Use intuitive technology

Carrotspot is a universal platform at the intersection of HR proceses, psychology, and cutting edge technology. What does it mean for you and your employees?

  • Transparency and security
  • Feedback and rewards ecosystem for your company
  • Permanent registry for all transactions
  • Full automation of settlements and payments
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  • Ensure a positive company image and organizational culture through the selection of unique rewards
  • Limit upward wage pressure - through effective management of rewards and non-wage benefits
  • Improve employee retention, rotation reduction and involvement of all employee groups
  • Save time and resources across your HR processes


  • A marketplace of rewards available through an easy and intuitive platform
  • Substantive and research support helping find precise match between motivators and employees
  • Support for other HR processes in the organization, such as recruitment, talent management or performance management
  • Improvement of HR processes in the organization through integration with the Carrotspot platform


  • "Tailor-made" motivation - tailored to individual needs and expectations
  • A social space that gives the opportunity to play, compete and share - rewards and recognition
  • Immediate  feedback and reward - real-time rewards receipt
  • A sense of security thanks to reliable and unchangeable rules of system operation

How to get there?

1 Step one

Diagnose your needs

Match the right motivators to your employees' expectations with the professional HR support of the Carrotspot team.

2 Step two

Start engaging and motivating with Carrotspot

Use a simple, intuitive and fully flexible solution that can function independently or integrate with your existing systems

3 Step three

Use the token paradigm

Modify tokens from our token database or create your own, original tokens to meet your needs. ! Engage co-workers in creating tokens. Remember, everything can be a reward (not only $).

4 Step four

Activate tokens in your company

Create the token settings and distribute them and their corresponding rewards among employees.

5 Step five

Pass on the "rules of the game"

Share the token rules to all managers in your organization or start motivating individual employees directly. Motivation applies to all of us!

6 Step six

Tokens' life

Tokens operate in the social space, where you can assign, gift and exchange them with co-workers.

7 Step seven

Tokens integrate HR processes

Tokens integrate wiht all HR processes in the organization, such as recruitment and professional development, employer branding, onboarding, performance management, talent management, mentoring programs and even coaching.

8 Step eight

Watch the growth

Witness an increase in employee engagement and a positive impact on the organizational culture.

Simple? We can make it even simpler.

Our professional team will support you at every stage of the change!

Start motivating


They talk about us

Iwona Wencel
VP CHRO, Wirtualna Polska Holding

Carrotspot is a very interesting and innovative solution to engage, motivate and appreciate employees. Thanks to the extensive and flexible possibilities of constructing gameplay mechanisms, it can be used for many projects and special tasks. Basing the platform on a modern blockchain solution also ensures its high security. Worth looking into!

Sylwia Pawełczyk-Maśluk
Chief Human Resources Orbis S.A.

The fact that blockchain guarantees true data security - within and outside the organization - is a convincing sign that this is the future. The solution strengthens employees' trust in the company and keeps them connected to it for longer.  

Cezary Mączka
Vice President of HR, Budimex

The Carrotspot platform is, on one hand, technology and on the other an intuitive platform tailored to the needs. Employees express their expectations for benefits, while the management board can precisely determine what actions to take.

It sounds simple, it can work well, motivate and support the activity of employees, but as it usually happens - the quality of the tool depends on the quality of the implementers. I keep my fingers crossed for success.


WINNER: Carrotspot as the most innovative tool in the HR Tech/ Future of Workplace space as voted by a jury of HR exeecutives of the largest companies in Poland.