About us

The MC2 Innovations team consists of professionals, whose combined knowledge, experience and energy allows us to provide IT services at the highest level. For years we have been delivering complex projects and implementations in both the private and public sector, including the Ministry of Digitization. Each of us gained deep experience in various sectors of the economy from telcom to life sciences to government. We deliver projects for all organisation sizes, and specialise in projects aimed at modernisation and increased efficiency.

Our goal is retain our permanent status as innovation leaders and change agents of groundbreaking transformation.

The platform was created out of gratitude to our own co-workers. I think that modern HR is a two-way relationship, and effective management of people should boil down to the willingness to share and engage - the employer in the life of the employee and employee in the company's affairs. My personal experience shows that when you share, you multiply. And you don't need money to do that. Anna Streżyńska, CEO of MC2, former Polish Minister of Digitization