She Threatened To Kill Everyone On Her Flight For The Most Ridiculous Reason


You know how some people who are trying to quit smoking say they’d kill for a cigarette? Well, this lady wasn’t joking when she threatened passengers and crew on her flight from Portland to Sacramento. On December 9, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant on Flight 2943 caught 24-year-old ..


One Little Detail About This Photo Proves This Kid Really Doesn’t Like Santa


Lots of kids love sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him what they want for Christmas ever year. Others, however, are terrified by the experience. And while children are pretty vocal when they’ve reached their limits, one little boy from Parkton, Maryland, “voiced” his displeasure ..


We Can’t Forget The Tragic Story Of This Little Girl Ending Her Life Due To Bullying


Over the weekend, news cycles flocked to the story of 10-year-old Keaton Jones. Everyone from athletes and movie stars to small town average Joes took to social media to show their support for the boy as his video pleas tugged at their heartstrings. But while the backstory behind that now infamous video ..


You’ve Heard This Viral Bullying Story, But There May Be More To It Than You Think


By now you’ve likely seen the heartbreaking video of a boy named Keaton Jones crying and pleading with school bullies to leave him alone. The sixth-grader from Knoxville, Tennessee, had reportedly been bullied so badly during lunchtime at his school that his mother, Kimberly, had to pick him up just ..


They Couldn’t Figure Out What A Man Was Pulling From The Fire. Then They Saw This.


You may have heard by now about the wildfires in California that threaten millions of lives. The fire, which is affecting people in Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Diego counties, continues to rage as firefighters attempt to contain it. Due to strong winds and other factors, the wildfire is proving especially ..


The Bouncy House Suddenly Collapsed With Kids Inside. Then They Saw Security Footage


Kids’ birthday parties can get surprisingly rowdy. Whether it’s the number of kids running around or their parents behaving even worse than children, neighbors might have to deal with a little bit of noise for an afternoon. But most people understand that that’s all it is: an afternoon. ..


76ers Dancer Gets Incredible Surprise Of A Lifetime During The Game


As any family member or friend of a military soldier will tell you, it’s a daily struggle to navigate through life while your close loved one is deployed overseas. But the loneliness and depression only multiplies during the holiday season. Separated by thousands of miles, the Philadelphia 76ers ..


Doctors Told Them The Baby Was Dead. On The Way To Cremation They Saw Something Move


There are few things as tragic in this world as losing a child. The pain and anguish parents endure when faced with this kind of tragedy is something many of us will never be able to fathom. One couple in New Delhi, India thought they had lost both of their twins after one was stillborn […]


Video Shows Why You Need To Be Careful With Your Outdoorsy Dogs This Winter


As chilly winter temperatures produce less-than-ideal conditions outside such as icy roads or partially frozen ponds, it’s important we take extra precautions as to not put ourselves or our loved ones in danger. And while we can encourage family members to drive cautiously and warn our kids about ..


These Dainty Little Mugs Will Slyly Insult The Hell Out Of Your Guests


Have you ever wished that you could oh-so-subtly let an unwelcome visitor know how you really feel about them? Well, these brutally honest tea sets should make dinner with your mother-in-law so much easier. Aimed at “the lady who speaks her mind,” Miss Havisham’s insulting teacups are the perfect ..

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