Dad And Kids Create Epic Igloo After Winter Storm Grayson, Complete With Fireplace


Following a heavy snowfall, most families can’t wait to play around in the fluffy white and maybe bond over a snowman or two. But for the Lequire family, large amounts of snow mean it’s time to build the greatest igloo you’ve ever seen. Winter Storm Grayson left much of the east coast ..


This Adorable Boy Wanted To Set His Butterfly Free, But It Wasn’t Ready To Leave Him!


As a child, some of the great lessons don’t play out in the classroom, but rather at home with friends and family. This adorable science experiment is definitely one of those moments. Wesley Thompson set out to teach his two children, Gunnar and Harley, about some of nature’s greatest feats. ..


Adorable Footage Of A Crow Getting Groomed Is Oddly Relaxing To Watch


Owning a crow wouldn’t exactly be high on my pet wish list, but after seeing adorable moments like this, I may have to reconsider! Crows are known for being those loud, obnoxious squawkers that wake us up from atop the power lines and scavenge for road kill meals, but while they may not have the […]


Don’t Believe In The Wage Gap? Ask Michelle Williams How Much She Just Got Paid.


In October 2017, allegations of sexual misconduct began surfacing about actor Kevin Spacey, who was subsequently blacklisted from Netflix and dropped from Ridley Scott’s film, “All the Money in the World.” With his role being replaced by Christopher Plummet, all of Spacey’s scenes ..


Dog Who Was Badass Airport Employee Loses Battle To Cancer


When you hear the term “K-9” you probably think of dogs working with police to protect and serve their communities. But for K-9 Piper, his work was at the airport. If you were ever lucky enough to travel through the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan, you might have been able ..


She Started Snowblowing In Front Of A Man’s Home, So He Decided To Shoot Her


It’s known as the Golden Rule: treat others how you’d like to be treated. But when it comes to these feuding neighbors, something tells me this isn’t how either party involved wanted to be treated. Wendell Popejoy and Sheila Bonge had been next-door neighbors for years and they never ..


Heartbreaking Video Shows Devoted Dog Resting By Late Owner’s Grave


A dog’s loyalty to its human companions knows no bounds, and in some cases, even transcends death. One pup’s devotion to her owner still lingers even after the 86-year-old passed away last year. Since losing her mom back in September, Deta the dog has been staying with the woman’s daughter, ..


If You Love Your Weekly Target Runs, You’re Going To Identify With This Doggo So Hard


Making a Target run is basically the highlight of my week. The atmosphere’s great, I know where all my favorite foods are, and I usually leave with a few delightful things I didn’t actually need but definitely wanted. Even though my bank account takes a beating, I come home pretty satisfied. ..


Hilarious Dog Jumps Up And Down As Mom Prepares Her Dinner


When you’re hungry, you’re hungry, and it can’t be denied. One overeager dog named Mika was minding her own business when she got a whiff of what was on the counter. Mom was preparing her dog food for dinner, but she couldn’t see what was happening, so she took matters into her own hands. ..


Family Helps Grieving Widow By Creating A Pillow From Her Late Husband’s Clothes


Those who have lost a loved one may find the holidays particularly difficult. It’s hard to celebrate when someone who was part of so many previous joyous occasions isn’t there anymore to experience them with you. It’s just not the same, but there are ways to honor those who have passed ..

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